Charger recommendation for my partner

Looking to get my partner a flashlight + charger/batteries for her birthday as she is always envious of mine.

I have a BLF A6 + VC2 Plus.

Was looking at getting her just something like the Convoy S2 or something similar. Is there any current charger that is the go to for NZ/AU - USB or NZ/AU Plug/V.

Thanks in advance!

Sounds like a good setup that you already have in mind. I like the XTAR USB chargers. I have an MC1 in every car and backpack. The S2 is a can’t-go-wrong move, especially if your partner likes colorful things! I’m especially fond of the violet and cyan S2+.

The S2 doesn’t come in colours, does it? Only the S2+ does, AFAIK.

Go with S2+. It’s an overall better package than S2.
The S2 only comes in grey or black. And not too far from S2+ beam.

As for charger I only use Liitokala Lii-202 with my ncr18650b. Using a quality usb charger helps.

The S2 has a much tighter spill than the S2+ thanks to the deeper reflector. To match it, you’d need a low-angle optic on the S2+.

Agreed on the charger suggestion, though I have the Lii-402 for charging at home and the Lii-100 on the bag. If it is HKJ approved, I buy.

What do you mean by tighter spill?

flashlight beam has 2 parts. The center spot and the spill around it. Check out this nitecore link I found
Personally me owning both S2 and S2+ smooth reflectors, I find the center spot similar be it xml sized or xpl. The spill is the only change. Totally not noticeable until you A/B both lights. Only choose it if you really desire tight beam.
But as for user interface, the S2+ is using improved threads and also means more threads vs S2. For a dude like me who swap batteries often, I find my favorite S2 with minimal threads makes things harder to screw tail/head back in without crossthreading a few times. The S2+ threads are easier to align and are more convincing to screw.
S2+ opens up to more options vs S2. I can’t even mod mine to use lighted tailcap properly because the cavity is too deep to hold the clear plastic washer spacer. And S2+ has a thicker brass pill for heatsinking whereas S2 is just some coin looking pill.

What about the Sofirn SP33 V3 that has direct USB C charging. This will make you envious of hers

I do sell the proper Xtar 2.1A NZ adapter if you need one.

My website is

As JaredM said. Xtar chargers are probably the best. XTAR ANT MC1 Plus Portable USB Charger Are the ones around my office and home. Or if you’re into that “her and you” as a couple thing XTAR MC2 Plus 2-Bay 1A USB 18650 Battery Charger So you can charge together.

Well, is that going to happen? Seems you trust her only with equipment less powerful than yours.

If you really like (careful choice of words) her you give her the same kit as you have.
Confusing? Not really. There is also a bare (non-anodised) A6 available.

I absolutely hate my non anodized A6, after a short while I get dirty hands. Far better getting anodized imo.

Unless she finds all the modes confusing such as the 4/7 modes and the meduim press. He might be going for something more simple

Trying to explain how the A6 works to my wife is a nightmare lol

If you want her to be blown away get something better than yours but simple to operate. Sofirn are an excellent choice

No I get that. I was asking about the semantics. What does “tighter” mean when describing spill? Does it mean it has narrower/more concentrated spill?

Is your partner going to carry the light in her purse.

The S2+ in one of about 11 color choices would be my choice and possibly the 18350 tube to make it even smaller for carry

I'd also suggest the S2+ with only 4*7135 because the driver is not soldered to the pill,it ships with the locking ring for easier driver upgrading/changing.

The sand and clear colors have smooth reflectors while almost all others are OP with the exception of the gray with the SST40 and maybe others I don't know about..

A large variety of 18650 batteries work well in the S2+.Most flat top,button top and protected cells work.