Charger recommendations for my 2 new (on the way) DRY flashlights 3x18650 or 4x18650 chargers?

Hi Folks!

I've just ordered 2 of the DRY flashlights using the Group Buy.

It seems advisable to charge at least 3 batteries at a time (if not 6).

Recommendations Please.



P.S. Are these flashlights able to use 18700s (like the AW 2600s?)

The only cells I've seen being too long are the XTAR 18700s. The Callie's cells I have are longer than the AW 3100s, and they just fit. (with FULL spring compression.)

Due to the design of the new, metal holder, one can simply unscrew the hardware to provide a bit more length. A trip to the junk drawer (or hardware store) and a bit of creativity should allow for a permanent solution for longer 18650s.

Ironically, The XTAR WP6II is the best (only?) 6-bay 18650 charger - and I LOVE it.

It charges all of my cells to within 0.02 v of each other, and even the 26650 King Kong cells I just received fit - only three at a time, but it works great.

How dangerous is it to charge one cell at a time in the WP2 II? I admit I've doing it all the time but haven't experienced any issues. I only do it with protected cells.

Icharger 106B+ and make up some charging leads if your that way inclined