Charger Recommendations


i'm looking for two li-ion charger recommendations meeting separate criteria:

1) gift for friend:

an inexpensive ($20?) one or two slot charger mostly for 18650. bells and whistles like adjustable charge current, storage voltage (~3.7V), etc would be nice, but not necessary. the main requirement is that it's not junk or finicky to use.

2) new charger for myself:

i'm currently using an Opus BT-C3400 V3.1, but i'm wondering what else is out there that could be better, cheaper, or just different.

firm requirements (which the Opus does have):

  • ~4 slots
  • long enough slots for unprotected 21700 (70mm) cell length, but protected 21700 would be a bonus as i think the Opus barely fits unprotected 21700
  • adjustable charge current
  • capacity testing (discharge and then charge back up)
  • charge to storage voltage (~3.7V)
  • display current and voltage while charging (not necessarily at the same time)

if it matters, i'm in the US.