Chargers like the MC3000 that can output data via USB

I have a SkyRC MC3000 and it’s been great.

Looking to possibly add another charger and was wondering if any others were as feature packed and as versatile as the MC3000.

One feature that I MUST have is a USB port so that the charger can be connected to a PC running a program such as DataExplorer to capture the data from the charger as batteries are cycled.

Anything out there comparable ?


So after some research, apparently if you want a PC Link and data logging……the MC3000 is the only game in town.

Having two of these will be fine. was just looking for “options”

You can try other chargers like the SkyRC iMax B6 Mini, which also has a USB port, however, since it only has connectors, you’ll need to make your own cylindrical battery holder to connect to that “hobby charger”.

The MC3000 is still easier to use than having to connect to the iMax B6 Mini to a cylindrical battery holder…