Charging cradles for hobby charger ?

I am searching a cheap charging cradle for universal use. I had sometimes used a 2x18650 cradle but it damages my protected batteries and I want ability to charge more cells simultaneous.
When the cradles arrive I am going to make a small pcb with balancing plug…

I have one and ripped the electronic out and soldered some cables with banana plugs in it so I can charge it with my charger. But now I want some more. Any hints where to get 2 or three of these 26650 capable cradles for less than the above 4$?

No One?

How about a vice grip style charging holder?

I bought several from this eBay seller:

They are shipped from and can be purchased directly from buyincoins here:

Holders for AA, AAA and D cells were found at a local Radio Shack store.

This is a clever solution!

These Black plastic holders are garbage, they don’t fit well and have ruined the wrap on some of mine cells.
So I will order 2 more cradles next time I order at cnq. I have charged all my batteries one by one in the last days… So i am fit for the dark season…

The Problem is that I only want to charge at 1 Amp, so 4 hours for a 26650. So I have have to charge 12 hours after 1 hour use of my 9xt6…