Charging king kongs with i4

How long does it generally take to charge a King Kong with a nitecore i4
First time charging the battery and I ran it till it started blinking in my xin td x3
Sorry if this has been asked many times

IIRC, from empty, around 6 hours? Possibly even 8. When I say empty, it was around 3.6-3.7v before I started charging it.

Ok, thanks . It’s been going for at least 6 hours and still blinking on the second light. Brand new battery. Will it take longer if I have the other 3 bays loaded with tenergys ?

From HJK’s review.

“The charger has two charger channels, one channel is handling slot #1 and #3, the other channel is handling slot #2 and #4. When charging cells in both slots for a channel, time division is used to distribute the charge (See scope traces). ”

So, if you have two KK, you’d want to charge one of them in slot 1/3 and the other one in slot 2/4. If you have other cells in there at the same time, it will reduce the charge output, thus increasing the time taken.

Now that I have re-read the above from HJK’s, I think when I charged my pair, they were in slots #1 and #3. So that is probably why it took a while to fully charge.

if you are charging another cell on the same channel as the KK you could be looking at a few more hours to charge the KK

Thanks again