Cheap 10000lm torches on ebay.

Hi to one and all. Ive noticed very cheap (under £5 but not from China) 10000lm torches on ebay made in the UK. How bad in comparison are these cheap torches. Would they really be 10000lm?


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Answer is simple: absolutely not. Probably a lot less than 1000 lumens as well. If you have a link to such a product we can have a closer look. :sunglasses:

Hellooo…Ok as i thought to good to be true more false info urggg…Heres the link snd thanks.

The description says it’s XML, which means you get less than 800 lumens. On the flashlight itself it says XPE, which means you’re getting about 250 lumens maximum. I think this value is more realistic.
You don’t get ripped off because the price is low, but I’d stay away from this light anyway. It’s quite likely that it will just stop working for no good reason, and the lithium ion cell that is pictured is not to be trusted. You really don’t want a shady lithium ion cell. :sunglasses:

The LED used in that light is rated at 1000 lumens max and to achieve that it would need a decent driver and Battery.

if you want a good hand held bright light i would highly recommend a convoy C8 or convoy S2+

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We don’t perceive light intensity linearly. So a 2000 lumen light is not perceived twice as bright as a 1000 lumen light. DO you really need/want 2000 lumens? 1000 lumen is achieved with a single XM-L2 or XP-L emitter, and you have a whole bunch of choices. There are also really good quality 1000 lumen lights for around $10~$15. When you want to have 2000 lumens from a single emitter, you need something like an XHP50 or XHP35 emitter. These lights are just more expensive. I have a Haikelite MT02 which pumps out about 2000 lumens from an XHP35 emitter, and it’s a great deal for under $40. But yeah, it still is more expensive than a 1000 lumen light for $15.
If you want to illuminate something far, then you don’t always need 2000 lumens; you really want a light with a high light intensity (= lux value). Something like a Convoy C8 with XPL-HI emitter is what you are looking for (also 1000 lumens).


A good budget thrower is the Convoy L2 with XP-L Hi
Good 26650 Batteries are on sale right now:

Ok thanks hiKARnoob. Ill check out the convoy C8 and the MT02. And thanks for info in regards to lux and lumens. Ill read up more on these aspects.

You can get the Nitecore EC23 for around $40 right now. It will do 1800 lumens on a good 18650 battery. Just know in advance that to do that amount of light in a compact (1 cell) light you will run through batteries fast. I use one at work sometimes and end up changing cells at least once or twice per shift. My 1000 lumen lights get the same amount of use and I change those batteries once or twice a week.

Cheers man. You get amazing quality for the price with the Convoy, just like with the Haikelite. The Convoy is much more reliable than the Haikelite though. Something you need to consider is that you’re getting super value lights from China, but shipping will take roughly 2 to 4 weeks (sometimes faster, sometimes longer), and especially with Haikelite you could have quality issues. It’s convenient if you’re able to solder and replace the driver yourself in case it’s broken. There is warranty, but vendors are more likely to send you a new driver instead of a completely new light in case yours doesn’t work.
Check out BLF, check out some Convoy reviews and stuff; it’s good fun! :smiley:

you need to know the maximum output of LEDs, no way can a single XM-L2 pull out 10000Lumen, LOL

Well thats exactly what i thought. But ebay is rife with such claims on torches. You would have have thought ebay would have done something.

the BLF Q8 has a fairly decent price with coupon and get without modifications 5000 OTF lumens

Control shot


Any zoom-aspheric, particularly the small diameter ones will not emit anything close to the emitter-lumen spec. The optic design blocks light from escaping OTF.

Not lens cap lens housing.

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I’ll start with the basics. How do you know that you want over 1000 lm? Are you sure you’ve seen a light that really outputs those?
Regardless if the answer is yes or no, to make a good choice you need to tell us how do you want to use it, so it is possible to determine the restrictions on size and price and the desired beam shape. The suggestions above are all good, but no light is universal.

Welcome aboard, we’ll sort you through the $%^& out there and then confuse you with too much information. It’s the way we roll around here. After a little while you’ll get the hang of it and spend way too much money on a new hobby. Learn about the batteries and LED’s and the rest kind of fall together. We will steer you away from dubious venders selling lies and garbage. This link will help with the good and bad of batteries Battery test-review 18650 comparator Then wander around his site for battery and charger reviews.

not even in liquid nitrogen.

biggest thing to remember is that quality and performance has to be paid for.
order a $2 light and thats what you get.