Cheap 16340

I would try some mod (led swap) on cheap flashlight. Now i need 16340 batteries but i have no experience on that.
What would you suggest as "cheap but good" protected 16340 batteries?

I read some post and seems that, like on 18650 world, trustfire flames are quite appreciated. Are they good?

I found these option:
- Protected Trustfire flames on DX (2 for $5,70)
- Protected Trustfire gray on DX (2 for $4,80)
- Protected Trustfire gray on Buyincoins (2 for $3,89)

What do you think? Any other suggestion is welcome. Thanks!

I would go for Protected Trustfire flames.

In my search, they're cheapest at GoodLuckBuy (2 for $4.78), assuming that they're in stock:

I have had good luck with Flames from DX or Manafont.