Cheap Bicycle Tail Light Mod (Cheap 3AAA Headlamp ==>> Bicycle Tail Light Mod)

Hi I'm from Turkey;

This is my first mod.

Required material;

1-Cheap Headlamp 3 Modes (Low,High,Strobe)

( I Bought the same one 4$ From The Local Store, This link

2-1W Red LED 40lm w/ Alu. 20mm Star Base (Ebay) only 1$ (Included Shipping)

•Emitting Colour: Red
•Color Wave Length: 610-630nm
•Reverse Voltage: 5.0 V
•DC Forward Voltage: Typical: 2.2V Max: 2.8V
•DC Forward Current: 350mA
•Luminous Intensity: 40lm
•Viewing Angle: 120°
•Lead Soldering Temp:260°C for 5 seconds

3-Soldering Iron, solder wire.

Firstly to dismantling led of the headlamp with soldering iron

Then to received led that buy LED-DNA.

As stated LED-DNA , Red Led Spesification Typical:2.2V Max:2.8V

So we used 2 Units Battery that is AAA rechargable and the combine third battery by a cable with a lenght 4cm , + and - poles.


Cheap 3AAA ,3Mode Headlamp

Shipping Package (Led in the antistatic bag, bag covered bubble)


ex LED :)
ex led

Battery Holder Mod

Battery Holder mod1


Changed to Led

changed led1

changed led2

Red Light

Red Light
Low Mode


High Mode
High Mode


With Reflector;

Without Reflector;

Nice .

Thanks for sharing .