Cheap DYI Spot Welder

Here is a guy who puts together what seems to be a fairly nice Spot Welder.
I know nothing about the quality of the source sellers.
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Nothing new. This AC Spot controller exist long time on AE. For transformer he used just old AC High Voltage transformer from microwave oven and just replace second winding with huge 4 turn 35 sq. mm coil.

It never hurts to be reminded of something. Plus there are folks who have never heard of or seen that this can be done. :+1: I have pondered building one but don’t have much use for one as a rule. Tho’ as I write this I can think of a small repair that this might be just right for. :person_facepalming:

I purchased the Kweld for adding button tops and it works a treat. It’s a little expensive, but man it’s decent quality and welds over 0.3mm easily. Most cheap welders can’t do over 0.15mm