cheap fenix E05 SOLD OUT !!

hi, fenix E05 for $8.90 nice little light imo

oops if ive posted it in the wrong place… looks like chibim beat me by 2 mins in another thread . lol

just a quick edit… if you live in the uk its roughly £12 delivered.

Just keep the thread.. I will link to this one! better than the one I linked to for this special deal!!

thanks for making this thread!

This is a good deal but I am waiting for my UltraFire M5 XP-G R5 120 lumen AAA flashlight for $1.30 at DX. This was on another thread on this section.

The price has steadily fallen over the last few days. Started at about $15 and dropped about a buck a day.

I don’t know how Amazon’s pricing formula works, but I would expect the price to rise if they sell enough of them.

If not, it’s possible that it could fall even more.

These are nice little lights. One has been on my keychain for more than a year, and two DX clones are on my shelf. The DX version is verrry bright. Too bad doesn't like Canada. I'd buy a couple at that price.

I got one earlier today but had immediate buyers remorse just cuz I knew nothing about the light. Did a quick search and saw it was 27 lumens. Wouldn’t that be like a medium with an itp a3 or tank e09? Wouldn’t it be better to have a higher and lower mode available?

Funny how just a random post will spur me to buy something I don’t really want just cuz I know you guys found a deal. lol

I have had my E05 since they first came out & love it. Simple twist for on & twist for off. Not much to go wrong here like some multi mode lights.

try a 10440 in a thrunite Ti2 xp-g2 :wink:

These are great for family and friends as they are simple one mode with perfect balance of brightness vs. runtime.
Just drop in an Energizer lithium and hand it over to your loved ones.
It’ll last for ~5 hrs, with intermittent use they won’t have to worry about changing batteries for a while.

Nice diffuse beam, and tiny enough for the keychain.

I got 3, and hope others here were able to jump on this deal as well!