Cheap Flashlight with a Cree XML or XML2 that contains a 17mm driver.

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for a single 18650 cheap flashlight that fits a 17mm driver i just bought from mtn electronics. I had a old C8 that just died on me and it’s beyond repair. The driver was a 15.8 mm and it probably will not fit a 17mm driver? But i’m looking for a XML or XML2 led.

Convoy C8 Flashlight Host - Version 3 Price: $11.45

CREE XM-L2 U4 1C LED on Noctigon 20mm MCPCB Price: $6.99

Thanks!! But I just opened up my broken WF 502B and i found it uses a 17mm driver. Perfect :slight_smile: Would you recommend pushing 3 amps into a XML T6?

A 502b is a p60 host so it uses a dropin assembly w both the emitter and driver, so if do run 3 amps, make sure you wrap the dropin in copper or aluminum to get good heat dissipation.

Is it possible to just wrap the dropin with thermal pads? So that it makes good contact with the alu body. Or do I need to use copper or alu tape.


You can use aluminum or copper (I just use aluminum foil). I don’t know if tape would work, because the adhesive would not conduct heat or electricity.

Some people cut a strip from a can and use that, or I think there’s a post somewhere here by comfychair where he takes a small section of copper tubing and makes it into a kind of “C” shape and slides that around the P60 dropin.

I think that whatever you use, it needs to be thermally conductive (to pass heat from the emitter and driver to the body/head and electrically conductive. There used to be some videos on Youtube, but I can’t find them now.

Okay, Thank you!!

Why put a $5 driver in a $8 light? You can buy a cheap dropin and save up for something nicer like a Convoy C8.

26.5mm CREE XML-T6 L2 3 Modes 750LM Light Cup Light Base Flashlight Head Silver

SKU: 32000054
Shipping: Worldwide Free Shipping
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Jubeldum, sorry for noob question, does this dropin has driver inside? Will it work with 18650 battery?

That dropin works with an 18650 as it already has a driver

I purchased this thing and I am a little confused.
I want to put it on my bike and feed it with 5.5V coming from ESC, which can provide max 5 amps.

Before doing so I tested it with 3 AAA alkaine batteries connected in series (4.5V) and current was 800mA.
Then I connected it to ESC (5.5V) and current jumped to 2A. This thingie gets hot pretty fast. Then I powered it off / on and suddenly it draws 1A. Again, and it draws 400mA. WTF? I am sure this is not different modes, because it only has 3 modes (fast strobe, slow strobe and normal mode). I tested only normal mode, but amp draw was random. Maybe it starts to draw less amps when overheated?

I looked at the description (click “Description” on the page you linked to) and it says:

Lots of bike lights are intended to be used while riding with constant airflow across them to help carry heat away.
You might try that, or putting a fan on while testing it.

It’s the inside temperature that would count, assuming that description is true.
I’ve read mention of some boards having temperature sensors, but haven’t seen a stock light with that description before.l

Did you find a spec on the input voltage that says what’s the top limit? I don’t see one.

TMart isn’t a place I’ve found reliable, but YMMV.

It’s not a “head” — it’s a P60 dropin. You ought to buy some copper tape and wrap it until it has to be forced into the socket, to help carry heat away from the P60 to the outside.