Cheap High-powered Magnifier/Lupe

Hope this is handy for some people. When inspecting soldering joints or any other work that requires magnification, I hold two 60 degree TIR lens together face-to-face and look through them. This is the magnification you get from it. Picture taken of a mm ruler through my phone lens. As you can see, those tiny 2mm resistors will be easy to check for joint quality!

Do you just hold the lenses in front of the phone, or are they stuck?

Great demo shot, really shows the quality of this set-up.

I just hand-held it. That’s all that’s required. Probably make it easier if you glued the two together though.

What type of phone were you using ? I’m new to
LED flashlights. Do you have a link for the TIR lens ?

What everyone said and also thats a nice ruler, the markings are engraved / carved instead of painted, what brand and model is it?

if you have a smartphone you can try the free version of “cozy magnifier” (google app store)

i use it often and would like if you compare it to your setup

Iphone 4. The camera is decent but in terms of technology it’s obsolete. With a better camera you’ll have much less noise and more clarity.
The ruler is just a standard steel ruler. I have a few and they all have pressed markings.
I don’t have google-based phone so I can’t test that out, but I imagine it can’t do better than optical magnification. It must use digital zoom.

The photo was just an example but I hold it to my eye when inspecting things.

I use plastic zoomy lenses. Those from the smaller ones usually have higher magnification. The camera’s auto focus looks for the sharpest image, so it works through other optics.