Cheap lights for Christmas caroling

Hi all,
I am looking for some cheap lights for 2 primary functions to keep a large group of carolers safe.

1. The group needs to be visible at night - I am picturing some sort of clip on light for your back like joggers use on their backs.
2. The group needs to cross one busy street. This is less of an issue, I think a few bright flash lights might solve this.

I am doing some research now and I thought I would post here to see if you all come up with any great ideas :slight_smile:

I would like to find a solution that is effective but not annoying for the people wearing it. Cheap is good, but if it is something more expensive that people would use again that would be okay too.

One form factor that seemed reasonable was arm bands that are either lighted or reflective, but I would be concerned those would mess up any photo opportunities - since they would be on an arm or leg and therefore visible to a camera from the front. Maybe if everyone put them on their ankles this would be okay…

These Super Frog Bike Lights are good because they come in red and green light, plus they can do steady light instead of flashing. I am not sure how they could be attached to clothing though. I am picturing something that would clip onto a collar of a jacket.

Just an idea, these Night Fishing Lights would be cheap, but maybe not as visible to traffic…

For bright flashlights I would use 18650 lights with about 400-500 lumens continous output.
Cheap but good are Convoy S2+ 7135*4.
If they use such a bright flashlight its unlikely a driver would not notice em even if they got no bike flashing lightson their back.

Thanks for the quick reply! For really bright lights, I can probably cover that. I should have explained better, if there is a light that can double duty for function 1 and 2, that would be a bonus. I don’t think 18650 lights are something I want to buy a lot of for a single use. Though a SK68 clone would be a good option for function 2. It is a mini version of the sk98 and uses AA, so people could use them again. However, the sk68 doesn’t suit function 1.

Sipik clones are less than $2 on AliExpress.

Any other suggestions for function 1: making a large group of individuals visible to traffic at night.

The best light is the one you have with you.

just ask folks to bring a flash light, bingo problem solved.

Sure they wont have matching lights but who cares.

I think a reflective vest would work better, its visible from front an back.
Otherwise , assuming these kids are on the short side so try to fasten Strobe bike lights on their hats but that could get expensive.

What about the glow sticks things, the ones you snap and they light up.
Relatively cheap, bright, safe, no batteries and come in all sorts of types,shapes and sizes now, like head bands, bracelets, necklaces etc etc
And unlike torches or reflective bands or similar, you won’t have any problem getting the kids to use them/wear them - Yourll probably have the opposite problem - you won’t be able to hand them out fast enough lol.
If it was me id dish out the glow things for everyone, plus torches/ hi vis waist coats, for the leaders