Cheap modified zoomie comparo.

I went through the faze of the SK68 buying dozens of them when they came on special until I got a batch with bad switches. I haven’t bought another one since.
I then bought a few Meco zoomies on and off but the last batch I bought had cheap Chinese leds in them so no more Meco’s.
On a whim l bought a couple of Ultrafire zoomie’s when they came up for a couple of dollars. When they landed I was a little disappointed I hadn’t bought a few more as the quality of the zoom was a step above the rest though they still had the hollow pill.
I have since bought a few Warsaws which are identical to the Ultrafires except for driver and led.
Some of these worked with AA batteries and 14500 and some only with 14500 batteries.
For a comparison I set up three of the Warsaw and Ultrafires with 5 x 7135 drivers. Leds were XPE2, XPG3 and XML2 all on DTP copper MCPCB’s still with the hollow pill. On run time tests the lights get extremely hot.
On with the pictures. Sorry for the blurry ones.

And a few pictures to show the size’s surrounded by the SK68 and Meco.

By the light meter the XPE2 throws the furtherst by a large margin followed by the XPG3 and then the XML2. the XPE2 will light a tree up at 120 meters where the XML2 barely puts light on it.
Output is the opposite to the throw arrangement.

Edit to add throw and output charts.

Is this how the XP G3 looked, or is it some kind of photo-anomaly?

What were the throw/light meter readings for the XP E2 Torch, compared to the others?

Thanks for the testing :beer:

Thanks for the beam shots. I’ve got a few Ultra-oK S-68 clones awaiting modification and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them. Do you like the “torch” variety a lot better than the regular XP-E2? Just asking because I’ve got some regular but was considering the “torch”.

I’ll check the throw later FMC.
Edit. Yes that is definitely the XPG3.
The only XPE leds I’ve used are the torch ones from Mouser. Dale sent me a few when they first came out and then I ordered a few myself. I seem to be drawn to them and use them a lot in small reflectors.

And still, seeing a sub $2 crappie zoomie on a cheap AA cell reach 100 meter is retty amazing (even with blueish tint :wink: )
Yours look surely better then the zoomies I refer to :wink:

Nice beamshots!
I have never had that Ultrafire/Warsun type of zoomie, they look nicer to me than the sk68 type.

Oh, and that torch led should be dedomed for the real result! :slight_smile:

Yes you are correct djozz. I must be getting old. :wink:

Throe and output charts added to the OP.

Throw image (second last pic) is not visible to me.

I also bought one of those (Warsun Mini was how mine was branded) and liked it so much I bought another handful to play with. Surprisingly they are very decent quality cheap lights.

In fact I also used 5x7135 drivers. Try dedoming the XM-L2, you will only lose a little output, but gain a ton of throw.

Same here.

I wonder how these compare to Led Lenser, are they using the same optics ?

Should be fixed now.

I have no idea lars. I dont have any LED Lenser’s of any kind.

Coincidence or not. :slight_smile:

How do you like the XPG3? it’s the middle ground in this mix.
They have decent throw and huge output but some people don’t like the beam profile.

Its not as bad in the small light compared to the UF T20 where the colours in the beam pattern were horrible. Personally I like the XPE2 led in small lights.

Do you have any pics of the bad switch arrangement? The only one I’ve seen has a plastic holder. One contact tab sticks out the side of the holder and contacts the tail cap and the other is bent inside the holder to the bottom of the switch where the spring makes mechanical contact. The switches are good in that the internal spring carries no current and you can eliminate one contact by popping the switch open and soldering the stock spring or a better one to the base contact and putting it back together. A 50c mod that improves reliability.
I added the thin copper disc because the new spring base was a bit wider than the switch plate.

Thanks for the switch mod rbd. The lights I had with faulty switches was a few years ago. At the time I spent far to much time trying to repair them. What they looked like inside is long forgotten.