Cheap multitool

Anyone got this? Seems will make a great gift for peeps!

Looks a little bit like the Ganzo G202.

I have one that looks identical, which I got from a $5 combo pack from Home Depot and came with a small frame lock pocket knife, too. It’s not a bad pair of beater pliers, but after a couple years the other tools are almost too loose to work correctly. There’s no resistance holding the fold out tools in the handle. Also, the pliers spring is really flimsy and when I close the pliers, the wrong way, it looks like the spring will be stretched to the snapping point, though mine has surprisingly held up well so far. It’s something I use for dirty, nasty jobs or jobs where I think my good tools might get damaged. So it couldn’t be too bad if it’s held up to the abuse I’ve given it.

The matching pocket knife that came with mine is a remarkably robust frame lock. The blade is shoddy even for a Chinese made knife, which is a shame because this little knife I paid pretty much nothing for is built like a much more expensive knife. The lockup is as smooth as anything I own.

Seems to be on ebay from a few sellers for ~$5 Stainless Steel 9 in 1 Multi Tool

i don’t have one quite like that, but have many different models including a Leatherman Supertool that i carry all the time and use alot.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

Do you keep the Shard in your pocket?

Racer, I don’t mean quality expensive tools which would be impossible for me to give away given my budget :slight_smile: The one I posted might fit the bill as gifts to people having no such tools.
And yeah, on ebay, its like $20+ when I factor in shipping :slight_smile:

No, and I shouldn’t have listed it as a current favorite since it isn’t mounted to anything. The Shard was replaced on my truck’s keychain by the Atwood knockoff from Exduct. The car and truck both have a Craftsman keychain flathead screwdriver. It’s the one that comes with their USA made screwdriver sets.

I bought 3 new Victorinox yesterday to go with my new Tinker: Explorer, Executive and Cadet—all black.

The Wingman and the Tinker were both about 20 bucks. I would contend that there is a certain threshold for a multi-tool you can depend on, and the one you linked doesn’t meet it. If value is the relationship between quality and cost, then something like a Wingman would be a much, much better value.

I think that value gap drastically decreases for pocket knives, and in some cases the Chinese pocket knives are an even better value than their competitors, which are often just re-branded and marked up Chinese products. But the difference in the quality of steel absolutely makes a difference in the usability of certain tools like philips screwdrivers and can openers and such. You are not saving money if you are out there stripping every really stubborn screw.

Have you looked at the low end Gerber line? The Vise in my photo I think I paid $11 for out the door. It’s still Chinese made, and the fit and finish is horrific, but the tools are above average for such a cheap model. At least a company like Gerber will give some sort of consistency to the quality control of products that are stamped with its name. If you want to play the cheap tool lottery, Gerber might be a good way to go.

Well shipping to my country costs much …The wingman can account for like $40-50 when you factor in shipping. I’ll check the gerber you mentioned.

Yikes. That sucks. The missus bought our son a Wingman and she got it for $25 right across the street at the hardware store, and mine was free shipping with Amazon prime. There’s no local sellers of Leatherman where you live?

You might have better luck playing the cheap tool lottery by getting a known genuine Ganzo from some reputable place like Fasttech or Exduct.

Here’s a good cheap one I’ve owned and can vouch for.

It looks like they also have some genuine Victorinox, so you could at least avoid the ridiculous shipping.

Thanks man…Just checked ebay and the gerber is at $20 shipped :slight_smile: Costs$9 to ship it…Grrr.

Does the Stainless Steel Multi-Function Pocket Toolkit Foldable Pliers with Carrying Pouch (Blue) have a locking mechanism for the tools? Thanks

No, but it says “Jeep” on it :wink: