Cheap RCR123A's @ Manafont

1st / 4 x Soshine @ 7.45 = $1.86 per cell

2nd / Ultrafire 2 x @ 3.42 = $1.71 per cell

Out of all the different RCR123's you've tried would you say the soshine is the best budget class cells?

old4570, Id be interested in your opinions of which cheap 16340's are best as well... at least the ones you've tried or read about.

Very subjective , especially since size does matter .. I would stick to Ultrafire or Soshine , In case you dont want to read the whole speal

And by that I mean , some RCR123A are just painfully long [ for more capacity ] ..

And two that come to mind are , Trustfire [ Red and Black ] , the new Solarforce Blue and White . Good performance and capacity , but too long for some applications.

This is why Im interested in a proper 2011 RCR123A shoot out , Im even planning on buying a hobby balance charger so I can discharge cells for capacity .

Was planning on using the hobby charger was well as doing the usual run time test [ double up for more accurate view of the individual cells ]

There are 16340 - 17355 - 18350 in the RCR123A category ..

If you buy Trustfire - Ultrafire - AW - Soshine ?? , or something else , as long as there not total rubbish , you should do OK .

Some folks want the best bang for buck , and for that , testing is needed .

My plan is to sort out the RCR123A category in 2011 .. Hopefully .

Getting manufacturers , vendors , distributors to play along ? , Ive tried DX , and there response was = "What makes me think Im so special ?"

Looks like a up hill battle for sure .

Anyhow - any cell under $2 , that offers close to 600mA capacity .. But then what about size , even some 1xRCR123A lights cant handle longer cells ..

The Soshine 4 pack , If I was looking to buy ...

I havent purchased RCR123A's in over a year , the last ones [ Solarforce ] were kindly sent to me for testing by Solarforce .

So whats happened in the last year ? But at such low prices , I cant say one from the other to be honest .

All the Ultrafires appear to be the same 880mA rated ones except for DX where there1000mA , so looks like there are really only 5 Choices ..

Out of those , I would stick to Ultrafire or Soshine ,

Thanks old! I use the flame Trustfire 16340's (protected and unprotected) but they definitely aren't the cheapest in the cheapie battery category... although not to expensive either. Of interest is definitely the UltraFire 18350. Good luck with your cell shootout. They are always great reading.

As an aside for 16340’s, I like your XM-L mod for the Ultrafire A20. Are you still enjoying this light? I wish Skyray had a similar version to help others save a few bucks.

very much enjoying it , best bang for buck mod in a long time .. Currently using a Solarforce V2 RCR123A in it [ new blue and white ] , seems to increase output a little over my Trustfire Red and black cells . I used my Trustfires almost exclusively in 2010 , and can highly recommend them , if they fit your light [ there long ]

I had to make some minor mods to accommodate the slightly longer Solarforce cells , there a fraction longer than the Trustfires , which only just squeeze into the A20