Cheap SZX brand P60 drop ins at Battery Junction

I had to put one in my last order, which should be arriving in a day or two. It's the 5-mode R5 (XP-G) type. For six bucks, I couldn't resist. My SureFire 6P has an old R2 drop in installed in it now.

Did I throw my money away? (I know it's a bad time to ask!)

At six dollars it’s only a few sodas. If it’s better than what you have it’s more than worth it.

That's the way I look at it. I think it's kind of curious that I couldn't find any discussions or user experiences on them anywhere.

Not a terrible waste of money (it’s only $6 after all). But P60 dropin hosts are ~$2 on fasttech, and you can add whatever 17mm driver/16mm LED MCPCB you want for a result much nicer than an old XP-G.

Thanks for the link... that might lead to a winter project or two!

The cheap R5 (XP-G) drop-in arrived today and it's pretty darn good! It has a nicer beam pattern than my old R2 drop-in, is brighter, and has five modes: High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS. I'm very pleased!

Considering the improvement in performance and added features compared to the original incandescent module, six dollars in cost is an absolutely incredible bargain.

I did stash away the original SureFire P60 module, though. Who knows when I might get sentimental...

If it’s got 3 or 4 stars on the spring side of the dropin then those 5 modes can be changed. Probably one is already soldered from the star to the outer rim. Unsolder and solder the others one at a time and you’ll see the other modes.

Must be Angry Blue™, as the listing sez its CT is 7400K!

Later on, you can grab the stuff (pill+reflector, LED, driver) from FT and throw together your own.

I just looked... I didn't see any stars. It does have a drop of solder connecting a ring contact to the body. It has "RQ-5" printed on the spring side.

It doesn't seem all that horrible, as far as tint goes. But it is definitely on the chilly side.

I just took it outside and compared it to the EagTac D25C (XP-L Hi) I had in my pocket and the Mag-Lite 2-D LED I have by the back door. The darn thing does well for six dollars! (And I had forgotten what a thin beam that Mag-Lite can put out.)

Next purchase: a similarly-inexpensive LED conversion for my old 3xD Mag-Lite, if such a thing exists.