Cheaper and faster shipping for Canadians living close to the U.S.

If you live close enough to a border crossing you should check this out. For 5 dollars U.S. per package you can have your order from Mountain and other American suppliers delivered to a U.S. address . This is of course on top of normal U.S. shipping rates.

As long as the total value of your order is less than $100, CBS border agents will let you through without paying duty or taxes. They will ask you the total value of goods received in the U.S. and I am always honest with them and show them the package. They will of course ask what is in the package so don’t be surprised if they look at you funny when you tell them you build flashlights!

Drone post. Air mail it.

I live 2.5 hours from the border, a bit to far for me. ( near Alliston, Ontario)