Cheapest flashlight with moonlight mode?

I’d like a cheap flashlight that can do moonlight, maybe like the hugsby xp1 except with moonlight, nitecore tube does not have enough throw, and the best one I found was the Thrunite Ti3, but its a little expensive. What are the cheapest flashlights with moonlight/firefly mode? Preferably under $10, I don’t mind if the high mode isn’t that high. I already have an A6 but would like a small neutral white flashlight.

Closet I got to what I wanted was a Thorfire PF01, but I head the edges are sharp, and I don’t really like the mode selection.

This thread is exploring the same thing, but in AA format…

ReManG, I found the perfect one for my use, and I used your $1 off coupon on this:

I’m eagerly awaiting it, it fulfills everything I wanted if its just as good as they promise, and it even has a good tint! Besides not having a tailstand (which I don’t think is that important, it looks excellent.