China OEM Boker Anti-Grav/Colt ceramic + Tekut LK5070

Just some pic. Sorry that one is blurred.

The OEM copy knife has a bigger/longer blade than the Tekut but nearly the same size when closed. Mirror finish is flawless. Opening and closing action is pretty smooth (well it isn’t a flick knife so no issue with some resistance in it). The carbon fibre pattern is passable, you know it’s not real but it still has a nice 3D effect. I think beneathe it is G10. The whole thing is very light.

The OEM copy knife has a 3mm ceramic blade while the Tekut LK5070 has a 2.5mm blade. The tip of the OEM copy knife is very pointed. You’d need to sharpen both knives with diamond sharpeners if you want paper cutting sharp.

20 bucks, nicer if it’s at a lower price since the Tekut is only 15.30 at DX. Oh well…

BTW, I think the Colt has a printed handle, it does not have this 3D effect. This OEM copy knife has that 3D effect, just not a very high quality finish.

And obviously the Colt does not have a mirror finishing on the blade.

No one likes this thingy…. been trying to sharpen this thing on the diamond stones with Super fine EZE Lap, waiting for my 8000 mesh grit DMT A4EE from knifecenter (14.95 only).

Interesting, I’m waiting for the Tekut myself.
Was hoping it wouldn’t need any sharpening though. Is it impossible to use ceramic stones or just not worth the effort?


. Camo or fake carbon handles, black blade but the title says “white blade”, thin liner lock, no pocket clip - US $16.99, seller with 474 sells:

. Same one here - US $20.00, seller with 99 sales:
“Best quality stainless steel blade” is written on the box. :~

. A liner lock (but the liner looks pretty thin), hollow ground blade. The pocket clip is misaligned with the pivot screw - US $19.99 but the seller has only 7 sells:

The thumbstud on those ceramic knives (including those on 2100’s pictures) looks cheap.

2 cents cheaper than mine….i saw that store before and it was like 20.89 when i was buying.

The thumbstuds can’t be helped bah….just functional. It’s like the budgetlights copy TK35/T40CS/STL V2. I find them to be pretty ok for the price, zero blade play. (my genuine CRKT M16-14D alu handle one has a wee wee wee bit of play like 0.5mm @ the tip LOL!…. that I can’t dial it out completely). The Tekut is great at 15 bucks @ DX.

I have seen the others, what I see is that this mirror blade one is the nicest.

I can’t bear to spend usd80+ shipped for the Boker Anti-grav, when 1 slip of the hand = goner.

I bought this one also…. I have a cheaper 7” black blade @ usd16 shipped, but that one is rubber handle. Very nice….Kyocera 7“ black blade is usd250 here.

Ceramic stones won’t do anything. Can use silicon carbide sandpaper in dry form, that’s the most budget way. That’s a kyocera blade below, with microscope checking of the blade.

11 …………… Fused Zirconia
12 …………… Fused Alumina
13 …………… Silicon Carbide
14 …………… Boron Carbide
15 …………… Diamond

Just invest in some diamond if you can, to work with your existing system. It would be useful to your steel knives with harder blades also if you have some or planning to get some (some stuff like S30V, M390, CPMs are pretty difficult to sharpen and take time + elbow grease on a ceramic…really no joke if your collection is decent sized and you do use your folders). The DMT A4EE extra extra fine (8000 grit) is 14.95 at knifecenter, and they also have the extra fine 1200 grit for the same price. If you have the Taidea/Lansky, just hold the stuff beneathe the stock stones, that works for me….just check with a protractor + mark the bezel with a marker to see where you are hitting.

I have the DMT aligner also (knifecenter) to make sure the angle is correct, cheap at 11.95 so i can’t complain.

Here’s the 7” usd16.50 black ceramic that i have…

You can have a mirror finish blade as well, but I guess it’s not very practical in real life. It really looks very nice.

Thanks 2100 for this thread. I was trying to make decision on which knife to buy and then your explanations and photos helped a lot :slight_smile:

No problem….right now i am reading this with regards to diamond.

If buying from kniefcenter, can combine your purchases, i got 4 items (including 1 Illionis razor nice leather strop) for usd13.65 first class international. Pretty good.

“CRKT” version of one of the above mentioned ceramic knife mentioned by Tally Ho. (usd20)

usd29.70 @ Manafont.

Nice read on sharpening stuff

So in summary, of the ceramic knives you have, which would you recommend for the kitchen and which for carry?

I don’t know since i haven’t carried them (not really an intelligent thing to do here). For EDC tasks I don’t think they can go any farther than cutting cardboard as they are not really tough, just that they can be gotten really sharp and still hold that edge for very long (supposed to). Plus that cool factor to the non-knife people. The good thing is that this is available at a budget price.

My guess is that a high performance steel like M390 would absolutely pawn it as the ceramic would microchip first before dulling say if you are cutting manila ropes, but again at what price….

Home kitchen duty is good for ceramics. Veges, liver/kidney, meat preparation. If you want VG10 heat treated to over 60 HRC, then probably need to start from Yaxell (seki)….and not those numerous China/TW. (maybe there are gems from TW, don’t know).\_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2648

For European people, the Slitbar for the kitchen sold by Ikea (actually 49€, one year ago it was 39€) was widely praised on forums.

It is made of VG10 + sandwich Damascus stainless steel that covers both sides, like Mcusta knives.

Yeah I saw that on ebay once, sold from Sweden. Too expensive though, the shipping i mean.

I mean out of the kitchen (or edc) ceramics you have, which do you think has best build quality? I’m thinking of buying some and kind of hard to tell from pictures.

That ikea knife I’ve seen in the stores, and to be frank it didn’t look as good as the picture suggests (somewhat rough build).

For peeps in the US I highly recommend the ginsu forged series: Sorry! Something went wrong!

Very high quality, close to german knives like Wustof for a fraction of the price.

Hex, I see i see. :smiley:

The Tekut LK5070 has the best quality. And at usd15.30 shipped @ DX, it is really a good buy as a folding knife. You just need to sharpen it with silicon carbide sandpaper (various grits, i think if you slowly ramp it up to 5000 it would be super), the factory edge does not even cut paper properly and it just tears it should you not do a slicing action….so it’s not even a good envelope opener. With the Spyderco Para2, i just put the envelope on the table, shout out a “samurai’s Hai Ya” and ……job done. :smiley:

Ok……I was too dramatic there. :smiley:

I am still waiting for that 8” black ceramic blade with wooden handle to come in the post. The 7” black ceramic blade with black rubber handle has a good blade, no flaws but still somewhat blunt by a knife nut’s standard. The rubber blade is just utilitarian in quality and nothing special. I think the wooden handle one might be better.

PS. If you are going to try those kitchen ceramics from aliexpress, PM the seller to wrap the blade with some pieces of styrofoam “sticks” for protection. They come in a cardboard and transparent cover box, but it’s not very sturdy. Some comments did mention that theirs came broken. I mean if the postal system can break a Trustfire X6 front lens packed in a box, a ceramic knife is nothing.,