China OEM Boker Anti-Grav/Colt ceramic + Tekut LK5070

Ok, thanks. :slight_smile: Let me if that one turns out to be good.

2100, what brilliant idea you have. I’ll just buy a ceramic kitchen knife for the missus and a ceramic folder for myself. Win-win situation me think. As it if she thinks that my knife collection hobby is a bit odd to say the least. One time she woke up at around 1:00 AM finding me in the kitchen sharpening my knives and that really gave her the jitters :wink:

Yep, i am going to give one ceramic knife to my mother in law as well.

9 different Tekut knives are now sold by exduct:

13.63 + 2.91 registered = usd16.27 to my country for the Tekut LK5070 (exduct lists it as BK5070).

Its 15.30 @ DX w registered shipping.

Can use doingoutdoor esp for Asian countries. (give him a best offer, can minus up to usd1 off) He uses 4px which is a merger with Singapore Post.
The fastest was post on first day in the morning, reached SG airport at night, 2nd day transfer to delivery base and 3rd day delivered to my house. Else it’s usually within 6 working days (my country custom is usually cleared within 24hrs max).