Chinese holidays around the corner

Better hurry order those lights u want before the holidays starts then nothing will move like always…

What are the dates? 01/24-02/01?

They should be having sales for Chinese new year?

Lumintop is closed from Jan 16 until Feb 4

Great, everyone will be running sales, getting behind in manufacturing and shipping, and everyone here complaining. Good times. :smiley:

Part timers :person_facepalming:

I jumped on BG today to grab a EDC18 that I had been debating. Don’t know if it will ship before all the festivities. Guess I will find out. I knew I was playing the shipping lottery this time of year. So I won’t be too upset if I missed the window.

I still stand in awe knowing an entire country is shutting down for weeks every year. Wonder if it’s like here in the states. Lots of stuff closed except gas stations and liquor stores. Still though, that only last a day.

whole china not just lumintop is closed down.