choosing Akoray Cree Q5 / UltraFire K10 or Romisen RC-29 ?

Hi all,
i have a question regarding those three flashlights. I’m not planning on getting any of them ata the moment (well, maybe kinda… :stuck_out_tongue: ) but the thing is that my brother wants to get one for his father-in-law.
He is not really into lights, but a few weeks ago he saw a led flashlight my brother owns. A small, no brand, aa, nothing special chinese one, but he was shocked by how powerful it was. I guess he had never seen a led one before. So long story short, he wants my bro to get one for him, budget 20 Euro (around 25 usd). I told him he can get really decent lights way under that price, maybe even half, since he doesn’t need anything ultracool.
My idea is AA (two aa is ok too) , 3 modes, size around sipik68. I searched through the forum and found pretty good reviews about this ones:
-Akoray Cree Q5
-UltraFire K10 Cree
-Romisen RC-29 CREE Q5
(probably i should discard the ones with 5 or 6 modes… maybe not so useful for a newbie)

Because of fast shipment i’d prefer ordering through Fasttech, if not ebay, and finally dx or any other.
Does anyone own two (or even better, all three) of those models for direct comparison? I’m talking about average quality, he doesn’t care abou lumens and runtimes since he’ll propably use only alkies. Just so you know, my brother had thought of the Thrunite T21 and Ti.

What do you guys think? Any new suggestions are more than welcome and, as always, thank you in advance for your great help :hat:

RC-G2 from ShiningBeam (but its only 1 mode)
Is a ThruNite T10 or Saber 1A too much extra? I think the Saber is about $27 on eBay, they will probably take a $20 offer on the T10’s I think.

Also I just did a quick look on FastTech

NiteCore SENS AA for $22

UltraFire SHLD15 for $13

I would go with a XP-G or XP-G2 over XR-E.

Thanks Ezark for your fast answer. I do think the Thrunite and the Saber would be too much. One of the reasons i thought about the other ones is that they’re almost half the budget, so once he knows what he wants and is more into lights, he can use that money to get something which suits him better. They live now in the countryside, so he loosing the flashlight is not out of the equation :bigsmile: (i hope my brother’s gf doesn’t read this)
Do you own any of the other two? It seems that fasttech selects better the stuff than DX, and not only on flashlights.

I don’t own the NiteCore SENS AA but there are a few reviews on it here.

I dont own the UltraFire/Aurora SHLD15 either and I havent seen any reviews on it yet. I would consider buying it for myself but I already have 4 lights coming in the mail.

only 4? the perfect number would be 5! :bigsmile:
I think you should consider it again, but harder.

I had a Thrunite Archer 1A, a Saber 1A and a T10 lately. Out of these three I think Saber for $25 was the most reasonable buy. My T10 was a bargain with a Ti as a gift at $20. But Saber is really bright over T10, and have a better tint.yy