Christmas 2013 sales and promotions, post them here.

Found any special,great, Christmas promos?

Please post them here.

Dx had a nice one last year, as well as wallbuys..but somehow I haven't seen those shocking promotion sales this year...yet..

If you have ,please share ,so we fan all take part in the fun!


I am waiting for good deals too!

Not Hi, but hai!

Hai means: Yes (in Japanese...)

I posted a thread about this in the Deals forum, but Lowe’s still has the Maglite 2D, 134-lumen LED flashlight for 50% off. Normally $30, on sale for $14.97.

Amazon has a whole bunch (~120) of christmas 2013 offers regarding flashlights:

Amazon: Christmas 2013 / electronics / LED flashlights

Great time to buy an original (not fake!) LED LENSER or Fenix :crown:


Christmas coupon:


Xmas and New Year:


FastTech are asking customers what they would like in a Boxing Day sale:

What I would like from FT is that they actually deliver at least one of my orders. Right now, I wouldn’t order from them again. They are worse than Dino-Direct!

Xtar products –20% till 25.12.2013! I guess that should be worldwide, tho i found it at

Wallbuys has a 50% off sale on the 25th off/