Christmas Goodies, what did you get!

Santa brought some nice Flashlights for me, what did you get this Xmas
i got a Shadow JM35 Upgrade MT-G2 we paid £24 inc delivery

Eagle Eye X6 CREE XP-L HI,searchweb201644_5,searchweb201560_9

A Luckysun from 3tronics, this is pulling over 6 amps!

The Shadow was for my son the Luckysun and the Eagle Eye are for me, very happy with them all

we don’t gift among family members, instead we donate to charity.
the only exception was a new born baby who got a few items like a plush fox, drinking cup (the one from shark tank!), and a new bed.

On Christmas Eve, I ate four cookies and two tamales for dinner.

On 12/25, when I got up, I had to clean all of my bedding, and during the day, I went to the restroom at least 25 times in 12 hours.

Q. What did I get for Christmas?

A. Sicker than a raccoon. ;)

My family doesn’t do gifts either, everyone puts in $ and then we donate half to the local animal shelter and half to a human based charity, we normally choose a different human charity each year.


So how do you lot from USA buy flashlights? we only ever get things like that at Christmas cannot afford to buy that sort of thing any other time of the year. We only ever celebrate Xmas, no birthdays, thanksgiving or any other celebration. Just add 2 flashlights a year to the collection. I know some on here must be minted looking at what they own.

on average I spend what I need on my hobbies, every month throughout the year. since my flashlights are all “budget” I don’t see the cost at all. If I go easy on the accelerator while driving my car through a full tank I’ll have saved enough to buy another convoy or solarforce!

I don’t have any expensive throwers or brands like Nitecore, etc. - however, all the hobby expenses combined result in a hefty bill each week/month. specifically parts, tools, and shipping sometimes are more than expected.

More calories.

That’s what you get for posting those pictures of Gruntta! 0:)


I got some AAA & AA lithium energizer batteries in the mail from Skytrooper’s giveaway …

who doesn’t like batteries for Christmas ?
…It’s like Christmas tech support .

Thank you santa and the easter energizer bunny !!!

I also got unguents from my sister …Smelly soap , lotion and cool bath stuff .

no flashlights were given or received this year

I got a clone of a Titanium Spyderco Military. See “what blade did you EDC today”

I'll keep it flashlight related, mostly.

Canned air, cause I make a lot of aluminum dust.

Eneloops, cause eneloops!

Sister gave me a 3D incan maglite, we'll see if I'm still bad at making 1D mags.

Voucher so Richard can send me HXP goodness.

Gave my father in law a 3C mag (BLF17DD-S08+ XM-L2 + rebel + LSD tenergy C cells) for tourmaline mining.

Best of the holiday calories were my venison-bacon-parmesan meatballs in sweet baby rays.

Good times.