Christmas Spirit With Dealextreme with giftcards jackpot and thousands of prizes to be won ! Open christmas presents!

Merry Christmas from Dealextreme to everyone!

Open 1 FREE box and 1 PAID box per day. See the button between DXMANs? You can also open all boxes with 200 DX Points.

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Decide within 30 seconds if you want to keep the FREE box prize. Not sure? You will get it automatically in 30 seconds! Want another FREE box prize? We will choose a new one for you!
Won a Gift Card? Check your account, it will be added there; For Coupon Codes and
Products you will receive an email notification.
Gift Cards can be applied:
$1 GC on orders of $3 or more,
$3 GC on orders of $6 or more,
$7 GC on orders of $15 or more,
$15 GC on orders of $30 or more.
Gift Card is valid for one month from the day you win it. For details about Gift Card valid dates, please check in your account.
Collect and exchange Christmas Stockings for prizes in the exchange zone every day.
By accepting a prize, you take responsibility of possible customs charges or
import taxes during shipping.
DX Points can not be refunded after you open boxes.

Merry Christmas!

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Gift Cards up to $15 for winning and prizes that is worth up to $50 for grabs!

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Well, no limits on the chances! Have you done you box picking today?

All I've seen thus far is worthless hoop-jumping. What A :Sp GRINCH"Y :Sp Promo.

Congratulations !! Hope you had fun and keep trying since there are no limits.

Hey ! Have you got your box drawn today? Just log in to do so ,it is free and no cost, just play and win prizes!

This week Santa Clause Theme is Indoors!! Get your box and start to win some awesome prizes worth up to $50! Its free so come on now!

Ohhhh...You are a Sly One......

I tried it several times but I don’t understand that game…?
In one moment it says you have won something and than I got this window:

hurray you won nothing….

Basically you did not win anything..we are sorry T_T. Please try again

Last Theme for the year 2015 !!

Terrible, especially at Christmas.