CityCat Big Head K8

Received this yesterday from CNQ along with the F12. I'll save the F12 for another thread.

First off, my photos do not do the copper color of this flashlight justice in any way. If you want to see the true color, please stop by Ric's website.

This is a beautiful flashlight and properly built for heat dissipation. It arrived very well protected in bubble wrap and in mint condtion with the lanyard already attached. I wasn't sure how much I was going to like the looks of this unusual design, but after seeing the amazing color and how perfect the anodizing was, I had a huge smile on my face from that point on.

Size comparision to the Skyray 3800 on left, and a Stainless Steel Cree on right.

Business end shot.

2x18650 configuration

1x18650 configuration

The reflector actually unscrews from the bezel, and takes quite a few turns to remove it, but doesn't aid in heat dissipation. More on this below.

Threads are very good, just need a bit of lube. O-ringed on both ends and of the correct size.

One great detail I liked was the fact a black plastic cover (removable) is placed over the LED protecting the solder connections from being shorted out by the reflector. The reflector actually contacts this cover, so without it, you would be assured of a short. I recall BLF member, Kramer, needed to make a protective piece similar to this for his Ultrafire HD2010. Glad to see the K8 already has it. Nice touch CNG.

Pill screws deeply into the main body and makes great contact.

The base has a flat top contact, but is mounted to a gold spring, so using flat-top or button-top batteries is fine.

Self explanatory photo.

Big Head K8 on HIGH. CNQ builds these to order. This is the 3-mode, XM-L T6-3C in NW Tint and rated at 900 lumens.

The Big Head K8 is a thrower. It has a bright and tight hot spot and dimmer spill.

Using a 2x18650 configuration with Redilast 2900's, tail readings were as follows:

HIGH - 1.24a

MED - .29a

LOW - .04a

UPDATE - I couldn't figure out why the tail readings were so low on this light, yet the beam was so bright. Using the tail readings enabled me to calculate input power, less any losses to the LED, and everything made sense.

1.24A * 8V = 9.92 Watts

9.92W / 3.3V = 3.0 Amps

Switching to 1x18650 with Redilast 2900 tail readings were as follows:

HIGH - 2.30a

MED - .55a

LOW - .07

2.30A * 4V = 9.2 Watts

9.2W / 3.3V = 2.78 Amps

In spite of the difference between one and two battery configuration, there was no detectable difference in brightness.

Beam shot of another thrower, the FandyFire HD-2010. No 26650 cells yet, but it was running on an AW-2600, 18650.

Wow, was this one putting out a beam with a tail-reading of 3.30a+ on HIGH.

Thanks for posting, Richie. That is a handsome light. Do you have any sense for how heatsinking is?

The somewhat busy design looks quite nice in single-cell configuration.

Thanks for the review !

Thanks Richie!

Hi there BetweenRides, I think heatsinking should be excellent on this light and it's a keeper for sure. However, as we've seen before and likely can site numerous examples, the flashlights with aggressive heatsinking seem to be driven very conservatively, and this one is no exception.

I purchased it because Ric had it rated as 900 lumens, but in this case, the driven amps rating wasn't listed as he does with other flashlights in his lineup. So I was a bit leary on this, which seems to be the case.

Still, the beam is great and bright in spite of the under exposed beam shot I took. On the upside, I ordered it with the NW tint that I love, so this flashlight will get a driver upgrade as soon as I can find one suitable for it. The entire flashlight easily comes apart, so replacing it should be childs-play. It's a very good thrower, I'm just going to make it what it should be...LOL.

Nice light. I like that color. Nothing wrong with a cool running XML.

thanks for sharing!!

OP updated with new outdoor beam shots and put up against the FandyFire HD-2010 running at 3.30a on HIGH.

OP updated with additional information on tail cap readings and power output.

Thanks for the info, Richie! I always liked the looks of that light, especially in shorty mode.

I’m looking for another 2*18650 light to be used as an emergency light in a car, along with the possibility to use it as a wacking stick. Currently I have a Catapult v1 in one of my cars, but the other car doesn’t have anything. If I do get this light, and it is getting more likely as I keep on going back to Ric’s website, is there a holster that you would recommend?

I prefer the look of it as a stubby. Looks odd with the extension

Nice light and I agree w/ Chicago & others it looks best in the single cell mode, the extender doesn’t match the lights looks. Excellent price too.

Wow, thanks for bumping this thread! I haven’t noticed it earlier, but this things looks very nice.

I think I’ll pick one up soon!

Cheers! :beer:

Edit: A bulk purchase of 10 lowers the price to $28 from $35.

Maybe someone can organize a group buy? 0:)

Interesting light.
I wonder how it compares with STL-V2, because STL-V2 has wider reflector.

How wuick is the memory?

Hi guys,

I’m in the process of organizing a group buy for this light at
I’ll be setting one up at as well as here, so I think the minimum quantity of 10 would easily be accomplished.

I’ll create a new thread here in just a moment; more details on it coming soon.

When I’m done I’ll post a link here.

Cheers! :beer:

I think spacer around emmiter is no good and tha it “kills” certain percentage of light…

My order from Ric on this light arrived today. I did choose to get the NW, 3-mode version. Using a lux application on my phone, I did a ceiling bounce test comparing the K8 against a Catapult v1. The latter won out and to my untrained eyes, there was a visual difference between the two on this test.

I also did a throw test in the back yard and the throw was, surprisingly, comparable to the Catapult, possibly even ever so slightly bettering it with a slightly brighter/concentrated hotspot to my eyes. Despite lacking in output, the fact that is was NW, things looked as bright as the Catapult with its CW tint when I took it out for a stroll.

Quality was also top notch. The lens did require some cleaning as I could see smudges on them (no biggie), and the threads were bone dry. Other than that, I didn’t have to do anything else to the light except put the batteries in them.