Clear Convoy S2+

I think Dave G was referring to the LED board hanging loose by its wires.

That’s what I was thinking. The top side of the board wasn’t sitting as flat like the bottom side without the head fully assembled, wouldn’t the reflector push the LED board fully flush with the shelf?

Yes, the LED board is clamped between the pill and the reflector (or TIR if you prefer that)

Apparently theres a new groove for reverse clip.

Does that mean longer reflector?

No. The whole flashlight length doesn’t changed. Same as older S2+ (118mm)
So I think the reflector is the same but smooth.

Yes, that board hanging loose from the pill just doesn’t look right.

Although depending on how well clamped it would be to the pill, once its inside the head, it might not be an issue. Thanks to Texas_Ace’s test here As long as its pushed down tightly and both surfaces are smooth all should be well.

I received mine today, it was ordered from fasttech and i must say i got a nice surprise, first is that the tail cap is lighted with blue leds and the second is the included pocket clip. Those things are not mentioned anywhere, not even at the convoy store at aliexpress. Good stuff i must say.

I guess my plan for a fet driven S2+ will wait since i don’t know if the BLF A6 driver will work properly with the leds in the tail.

That tail cap looks nice as! Gonna order the light just because the tail cup. Thanks for sharing the pics mate

How bright is the tailcap? Can you read the resistor values?

The resistor is 330Ω

Ah thanks. 2 LEDS? When I use a resistor that small with an H17F it messes up the timing. Good to know what they use. Thanks.

Btw, is it bright?

Yes 2 LEDS. Not really bright. It has only a small gap where the light can come out so at daylight or in a room with the lights on you can’t see it. You can only see at dark places.
Mine came today and also has the tailcap light.

The threads are super smooth and the finish is excellent.

The MCPCB is copper.

Only needs a Biscotti firmware to make it better. Mine came with green Convoy labeled driver with old firmware.
Tomorrow I will change it to biscotti. I hope the tailcap does not mess bisscotti but I think I will need some bleeder resistor as my other Biscotti Convoys with tailcap light.

And the led centering ring maybe can be flatter a little in the reflector. I can see some white around it when I look straight in it.

Wouldn’t 330Ω mean that the leds would receive something like 0.01A thus depleting the battery in less than 2 weeks? or the resistor is not the one that controls current to the tailcap leds?

I measured 0,103mA current for the lighted tailcap in my clear S2+

330 seems too low. The lighted tailcaps on the X5/X6 have 2k resistors, while the lighted tailcaps that BG sells have 16k.


I got a light build with 4.7kOhms bleeder and 20k LED resistors
Get a bit below 0.1mA, but the leds are through a clear cover bright like tritiums, not to be seen when not almost completely dark

With the 330 Ohms in tail the bleeder must be really big

Is this the same light?

It says 490 lm.

When I use the switch with a rubber tailcap, even 20K is plenty bright. I may switch to higher resistance. When using the metal s2+ switch, I find that even 2K is very dim. Less is better, but it messes with my driver timing (Dr Jones H17F).

It’s likely different with a different driver with a different bleeder. The H17F works without an added bleeder resistor so I don’t know if one is in place already.

I think it’s the same but I newer trusted gearbest descriptions and claimed lumens. I think if it is the 2800mA version it need to be higher than 490 lumens.

And about the tailcap light. This Convoy clear doesn’t have bleeder resistor.

the combination of black tailcap and silver host looks ugly to me. I like old one with black host with green tailcap.