Clear duct tape as a diffuser works well.

Just got one of those angle head Green Boy work lights from the $7 DX deal. Great light but wanted more flood from a work light so I tried some clear duct tape I had around. It worked amazingly well. Give it a try and see what you think. If there is anything better let me know. This is my first attempt at trying to diffuse anything so maybe it is not as good as scotch tape or something else. Have no interest in buying anything as I just want to use things around the house.

I used some matte scotch tape after reading about it on the cured my less than stellar Fenix E21 light, took away the uneven/not round center spot, took away the artifacts, cleaned up the beam, etc. 5cents worth of tape and its like a new light...

I just have to try to cut another piece rounder.

But youre right a diffuser can really help.

It works great and it's easy to remove if you decide to .

Nice RC-G2 pimpage, LOL.

May I ask how did you get the diffuser to be cut so round?

It's window frosting spray . Works great .

You can spray a light coat , try it out and if it's not enough , add more . I use it on the inside surface of the lens so it won't scrape off .

That RC-G2 has a Q3 5C emitter in it and the color rendition is excellent . My wife took it because she likes the beam .

Thats some great tips about the window spray and to do the inside of the lens...I wouldnt have thought of that LOL...thanks.

Yep, tape is a great solution to flashlights with a bright hotspot. Made my Spark headlamp perfect for running, before the treatment the beam just bounced around and made the whole experience frustrating.

I used to love throw but then I realized there is a time and place for flood. What’s nice about the tape idea is if you ever want or need the flood, just peel the tape off and you got it. I have a roll of the clear duct tape so that can do approximately 55,000 lens for $4.00

i love my collection of commercial diffusers. i have diffuser tips, diffuser caps, and diffuser lens. and one light (the romisen rc-29) can do perfect 180° flood so no diffuser is needed.

great idea with the tape!

To add to an old thread, I have been unhappy with my misaligned Fenix E15 for a while. It had a good throw for its size but as any misaligned TIR lens it had a crappy beam. I remembered this thread and bought some clear tape. I weren’t expecting to be so happy with the flood beam it gave. Here are the results in 2 feet distance.


Tape applied:

I know it lost a bit of light in the diffuser, but believe me, this application gave it a new life. It now looks like it is much brighter indoors and still a usable light for medium distance outdoors. I now plan to stock this tape along with my flashlights.