Clear/translucent tail cap silicone boots. Please read below and comment if you feel like it.

I have seen many folks who are building lighted tailcaps, I am one of them. While the light blue and light green work ok, I would really like a reliable source for clear ones!

I would consider identifying a manufacture, getting prices and seeing through production with the manufacture for possible batches of these.

I am not a cad person, I am looking for someone with drawing skills to produce mechanical drawings of say a 16mm and a 14mm with full center post that would be good for submission.

Any interest? Anyone who can draw willing to do so?

I am not sure what the final cost would be, but I think it is work testing the waters.

Thanks Matt

i would like to have black or dark grey ones but still translucent

Well we got Simon to carry the 16mm, and he has the dimensions on the page for it. Kaidomain still has the 14mm last time I checked.