[Clearance sale Coupon] Mankerlight E02 & E03H II

Clearance sale Coupon

We offer 25% OFF clearance sale coupon of Mankerlight E02 II, Manker E03H II

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Valid time: 9th May 2023 - 31st May 2023

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Mankerlight E03H II with Type-C USB 14500 rechargeable battery: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3256803209197371.html

What’s the color temperature of the “warm white” 219C version, same as the E02?

I’m worried the diffuser is going to remind me of the girl I loved so much. We were having a great time together, and everything was going so well. Then someday she was gone, just disappeared out of my life without a warning or note. Just gone.

Looks good,
checks off alot of boxes for me ……but what about 14500 li-ion?

that was a reminder to get new girlfriend

Thats the perfect backup lamp for the car. With a 1.5V Energizer Lithium battery you can store it for over 10a.

Can some one make full review of IT

What is the CCT for Nichia and what are the runtimes using Eneloop?

Can you show size comparison with e02?

Maybe they will sell spare girls, so you can buy a few spare girls and keep them hidden in places for when you need them. :smiley:

I do have a couple of them locked up in the basem… Hold on, I shouldn’t be saying this, never mind.

Awesome !

I love AA headlamps , and i like the optional diffuser too …

Just one more step, please…E04 18650.

is that diffuser removeable?

I am quite sure the diffuser is only clipsed.
I am interested how the different colors are achieved. By three different colored diffuser or with on diffuser and two colored discs.


When is Amazon is going to have these in stock?

“Lock out: One click-Double-Triple from any mode to lock out the flashlight.(The main Led will keep on shine with an outputof 0.1 lumens for 5 seconds and then shut off)”

Can anyone decipher this into an understandable phrase? It is the same procedure on the E02 I think.

click once, click twice, click 3 times. Lockout achieved. Same to unlock

Looks like an interesting headlamp. Interested to see some reviews.