[Clearance sale Coupon] Mankerlight E02 & E03H II

Looks nice! Especially with that LED, but the lack of a mode between 0.5 and 50 lumens, the mode memory, AND the strobe in the main cycle making it impossible to avoid means it’s no good for me.


Strobe in the main mode?

The horror!, seriously, who does those things!

That’s a classic basic error

Very attractive! (the E05 Ti)

But I agree, strobe in the main sequence? Please, no. And the mode spacing could use some work. Though poor mode spacing seems common with AA/14500 lights.

New light Manker E02 II is released.

Looks pretty nice, Manker. I like where you’re headed with the UI on your newly released lights (at least on paper, I can’t wait to check them out in person). And thanks for offering CCT options.

What is a good li ion to use in the E02 II? I was looking at the 10440 Efest IMR10440 V1 350mAh High Discharge Flat Top on illumn. Will the flat top work?

Efest flat top will not make contact. You will need to buy a button top (Efest or Vapcell is fine) or solder blob it.

Thanks! that is very helpful. I will probably just go with a button top.

Output measured at 2 seconds from turn on using Texas Ace Lumen Tube calibrated with Maukka lights. Color measured using Sekonic C-800-U.

Manker E02II Turbo 170 lumens 3963K 0.0008 DUV 96.6 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 1.00 90.3 R9 79.3 R12 93 Rf 101 Rg Ladda 900
Manker E02II High 81 lumens 3943K 0.0016 DUV 97.5 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 0.85 92.9 R9 77.7 R12 93 Rf 100 Rg Ladda 900
Manker E02II Low 29 lumens 3957K 0.0021 DUV 97.6 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 0.88 94.3 R9 76.0 R12 92 Rf 99 Rg Ladda 900
Manker E02II Moonlight 0 lumens 3974K -0.0005 DUV 97.4 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 0.98 97.1 R9 75.8 R12 91 Rf 99 Rg Ladda 900

The E02 II NW just sold out on Amazon. When will these be available there again? Will you please offer the headband for sale as well?

I noticed some BLFers are interested in the code for Manker E02 II, Manker E03H II, now 30% discount coupon are available.

Coupon code: BLFCPF30

Coupon are valided in Official website and Aliexpress official.

Coupon code does not work on your Ali official store right now, could you please check again?

Looks like Ali, they are already discounted. I have a price tag of $ 16.06

Great discount! Just ordered one of each in red, neutral white, with headband. Thanks!

code is not working at Ali

This is awesome! I have a red E02 II and love it, and I’ve been wanting a backup. I check mankerlight.com almost daily for new reviews of the E02 II (and E03 II), so now I will get a backup E02 II (tan) and will also get my first E03 II (green).

@Mankerlight: I want to order an E02 headband to pair with my tan E02, but the BLFCPF30 code doesn’t apply to the headband. Would it be possible to extend the code to the E02 headband? It would only be a discount of $2.09, but I figured I would ask before placing my order.

Thank you so much for this generous sale!

Thanks for the heads up. Already having two E02 v1, one E03H v1 and one HS05 is not enough (never enough), so I’ve ordered one E03H II. NiMH right-angle lights are my favorite!

How do you use them?

already discounted at aliexpress. was $22.95 and $34.95.

I much prefer the right-angle form factor to the traditional one:

  • Bouncing at the ceiling: with clip attached, more stable than a tailstand and the angle can be adjusted at will.
  • Hands-free mode: attached by the clip to any clothes part (shirt or pants pocket, shirt placket, belt,…).
  • As headlamp with a headband: I prefer to attach it by the clip instead of using a headband at eye level (more comfortable wearing, better shadow perception when walking/running, not blinding others,…), but sometimes use a headband for precision work, like soldering when there is not enough ambient light.
  • In the hand: no usability difference for me to a bar-style light.

My reasons to prefer NiMH instead of Li-ion are:

  • Less size/weight against 18650 and bigger.
  • Higher flexibility: can use alkalines if needed.
  • Safer, not only for explosion risks of Li-ion, but mainly because someone could insert a 14500 in a 1.5 V device by error.
  • Good enough: I rarely need the little extra runtime of li-ion at AA/AAA sizes, or the extra brightness. 100 or 200 lm is usually enough for me.