【Clearance】Wurkkos WK01/WK02/WKC06/TS30/TS30S lowest price/HD20 new color orange release

Absolutely! For a flashlight this small, an additional 10mm of length is not important compared to the added capability. Diameter is the critical dimension for this type of flashlight.

I agree. I’d like to see 1.5v compatibility on a light like this. The extra length is worth it to me. I’m looking forward to see what this becomes.

thank you, :crown:

Excited abou the 14500 light with aux leds! I want one off the first run

Agreed, AA compatibility would be appreciated. Also would love to see single/triple emitter choice like others have already suggested.

i will talk with our engineer, AA compatible seems better

Excellent news! It’s great to hear you guys listen to constructive feedback. I hope your engineer can make it work.

I ordered the WKC06 gun light on 2/24 and the TS30 w/battery on March 9. I already have the TS30S and am looking forward to having both sizes of the market’s badest bezels now!! $40.99 shipped for the TS30 and a 21700 battery is an incredible deal! The gun light was $17.85 shipped which is also a wonderful price.

Thanks so much Wurkkos!!


The first version of the prototype has come out, the appearance is very compact, even shorter than SC21, if we increase the length, it will be as long as SP10V3

Bamboo pattern Looks like nice lines, the oxidation will be matte

Spectacular! Very interested! Are the Aux LEDs still planned for final production?

Awesome to see prototypes so soon, it looks quite good. Perhaps it would be worth creating a poll to gauge interest for sacraficing the extra lenght for compatability with AA/NiMH batteries? To me it seems like a worthy compromise to add versatilty.

Yes, Aux LEDs, but only one color choice from blue, green, red, yellow

yeah, a poll sounds good, or maybe we will consider 2 edition :innocent:

Ahh now that is one way to make everyone happy! :sunglasses:

I didn’t think a second version would have been a possibility! Excellent idea! The prototype looks great.

That looks really good! I’d still like to see it with AA support, but a poll is definitely a good idea (and two versions is too kind).

Is this prototype functional or just a host? Can you share what emitter options will be offered?

Great idea! Hoping matte will provide a better texture to prevent slipping out of the hand….plus will look great!

Chiming in for 4000K and even the more liked 2700K…. I see people still talking about 2700K in their FC11s and wanting it back in more hosts.

yes, after the prototype testing, will going to final production

We will discuss the following options for the “WK10 Triple mini light ”:
First of all, we are very satisfied with the current size and appearance. If need to compatible with AA batteries, we need to increase the length, which will change the original structure.So

  1. Keep this design as a simple version,simple UI, low price, like less than 15.99.
  2. Increase the length to make an upgraded version, which can be compatible with AA batteries and use Anduril 2.0
  3. Keep this existing compact design use anduril 2.0 and aux lights but only work with 14500

There is a new thread of discuss of WK10: