【Clearance】Wurkkos WK01/WK02/WKC06/TS30/TS30S lowest price/HD20 new color orange release

Your first link is for the wrong product.

correct now thank you


WK01 is a nice present.

Regards Xandre

Thank you, I have purchased a WK02!

Great sale! I love the WK01/02. Do you have any plans for newer products to fill a similar niche?

no more AAA light in 2022, will have 14500 light with triple LEDs in planning.

Is that tail switch a mechanical switch or an e-switch? If it has an e-switch and can run Anduril, this will be a big seller.

Yes, tail e-switch and run with anduril 2

Don't see any USB C port on the renders, so it will be directly competing with lumintop fwaa (just looking from the design)
So the price would have to be good, or LED options more exotic.
Is the lack of knurling intentional to lower the machining time, and cost?

Yes and it will have triple aux led as well

Will this be able to run on standard 1.2V nominal AA batteries as well as 3.7V nominal 14500 Li-ion batteries, or just 14500?

Interesting, I’ll be definitely keeping an eye on this one. Currently have the WK01 and always wanted it to be a bit thicker. And the mechanical switch is a little bit too hard to frequently press. That planned light solves this. 14500 makes it thicker and the e-switch makes it easier to turn on/off the light with 1 finger. Triple LED with lens hopefully results in a nice even beam as well (high CRI LEDs please!).

Btw, any nice colours planned besides black?

This is an interesting point. With Wurkkos being closely linked to Sofirn, they could borrow the driver from the new upcoming SP10 Pro. This would be the first tail e-switch light that could run on 14500 and AAA batteries!

You can do a special run of LH351D 2700k/3500k/5500k mix

That’s what I was thinking. I’ve been really excited for the SP10 Pro. Something with more output, aux lights, better aesthetics, and keeps the same battery versatility is a really exciting prospect.

After Lumintop ruined the FW1A, there is a need for a decent single emitter, 18650 tube light, tail switch with Anduril 2. Please make one Wurkkos.

with aux light will work with 14500 only

sounds interesting, the new triple e-switch one may update to a 18650 version in near future, single emitter not bad

Why offer something nearly identical to the FWAA ? You could have gone with a single LED design to offer something different, and in my opinion more useful (the FWAA is too floody), Lumintop seems to only want to offer their single LED FW1AA with CSLNM1 while many have requested it uses standard 3535 footprint for various CCT and CRI options.

Single click access to a constant frequency strobe from off would be very useful. There is currently a lack of decent lights for light painting photographers as per section 1 of this article: https://www.stephenknightphotography.com/post/best-flashlights-for-light-painting-photography-2022