ClipSwitch Flashlight - Giveaway (WINNER announced)!

Very interested!



Reminds me of those eye ball lights paramedics use. Nice.





Thanks for the GAW!


Today is the day of the giveaway. You have until 8 p.m. PST to enter into the drawing. The video of picking the winner will be posted after that.

Clever idea.


Good luck to all!


Clever concept, hope it takes off.

Interested and thanks.

Good luck.


Interested. Thanks!

Interested. What a cool light now with your new switch!

The contest is now closed. Thank you all for participating! Stay tuned for the video I post of drawing the winner.

Between the three clip switch threads, there were a total of 81 commentors! Thank you so much for the interest you guys. I’m in the process of uploading the video of the drawing now.

Winner announced!
ClipSwitch Giveaway 2.29.20 - YouTube There are a total of four rounds of drawings to determine the winner (three drawings to determine the entry for the final drawing), so please be sure to watch it until the end. Note: I purposefully haven’t posted the winner’s username for those of you who want to enjoy the suspense of the drawing. I will private message the winner(s) later this week.