Closed: 3rd Annual BLF Scratch Made Light Contest

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

DBSAR, that looks great, & will go to a very lucky winner.

Only a couple of days left now, best of luck to everyone who has entered. :beer:

Steampunk, the name seems invented just for these lights! Awesome work, mesmerized by all the gleaming brass…

Bumptety bump!

2 days 4 hours.

TL you had better get your name on the list.

…racing against the time…tomorrow evening i’m going for night ride with couple of my friends…i told them i have “new” bikelight…(some velcro will do the “bike holder job”)…just a few finishing touches…

Updates-the Prize light in post #109 is now completed & ready for its new owner! :slight_smile: a couple hours work tonight i finished the tail cap switch & ran some tests. Tomorrow night i will upload some new photos.

this evening the night ride did not took place so i still don’t have the beamshots but i still have tomorrow night…anyway, my backyard is always an option so one way or another there will be beamshots :smiley:

The competition ends in 6 hours. Please hurry up with the builds and build threads!

Some housekeeping items:

1. Do not touch the posts in your build thread after the deadline. Otherwise judges won't know if the deadline was met or not. You may post additional info to the end of your build thread, but the time stamp of each post will dictate if the post is taken into account when judging or not! (Note that the time stamp will change even if you would fix a small typo in your post)

2. Please allow judges a whole week (7 days) to make the decisions

3. Distribution of prizes will be announced in 48h after the deadline

Good luck everyone!

Edit: Bought some more time.. ;)

The rules as I understand them:

“What do we judge the contestants on?

Uniqueness/Innovativeness of the build: Is it a one of a kind? Different? Using New methods?
Skill level of the finished build: Does it look like a hack job? Or were the finished parts/assemblies done with skill and care?
Thoroughness of the build thread: Did the builder do a good job of showing and explaining to the forum, how he did the steps in the build?
NEW Documenting also the failures & obstacles: How did the builder solve the inevitable problems? Documenting the obstacles and using the power of the BLF community to solve them is seen as a big plus!
Following the guidelines: Did the builder follow the rules and guidelines written in the contest thread?”

My votes

“Hand Made”
• FmC: FmC's Hand Made DIY 2015 comp entry; "WW2 Searchlight". Finished!

FmC nailed the measurables, plus his creativity and presentation aka (fun take) on the whole proccess was/is priceless. (and I think also indirectly taken into consideration)

“Machine Made”

• kralyevski:

Did I see “home made CNC milling machine” correctly? we may be in the midst of a savant or prodigy :slight_smile:

And talk about level of finish, the work on the lathe is a given, but the millwork, and then the glass work and lets not forget the wonderful anodizing job. I see the level of Fit and finish as unmatched.
To me we have a clear winner.

02 lumens


As an ending note,

I wonder if we should put an upper limit on the budget for the (parts/materials portion) of contest lights in the future? I would not want to create an incentive to favor bigger and more complicated lights, being voted as “better” thus possibly turning the contest into an arms race. Plus we do have the “B” in BLF explicitly noted as part of our raison d’etre.

Please note that it is a “light” contest not a “documentation” contest, I think we should give non native english speakers some leeway/allowance on verbage. The progress was clearly shown and there there is no doubt about authenticity.

Lets make this the world championships not just the national championships :slight_smile:


Status update:

The judges are sweating while trying to put contestants to right order. This will take the full seven days for sure.

Meanwhile, there is a twist: This year we will have also a special "People's Choice"-award!

I'll post a poll tomorrow for you all to define who will get that award. And to make it a bit harder, there are no categories in that award!

That's right. You will be voting for a single best build in the whole competition - and the winner will get K40t from

All other prizes are put into one pool and winners can then select their prizes from that. #1 from hand made category starts, followed by #1 from machine made category, then #2 from hand made, and so on. That will ensure everyone will get what he likes best (from the lights that are still in the pool).

There will be enough prizes, so that every contestant will get something!

How does that sound like? :)


Sounds good, but…

I would also like a prize.

Pilotdog, start watching your mailbox, you can expect something to show up in the next couple of weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:

(years ago, when I worked at my Dad’s lumber yard, the book keeper would tell me “Great job! Expect a little something extra in your paycheck this Friday!” As I’d walk away he’d murmur, “ain’t getting squat but expecting it doesn’t hurt anything!” lol)


My first thought was “When did I give Dale my address?”

Maybe a week if your lucky. Two weeks if your really unlucky.

Ooo dark, Very Dark

deleted too dark.

Here's a link to the voting thread:

Bump for inspiration