CLOSED! Group Buy: Starry Light SA-22 BLF Edition (NW emitter, better modes, faster PWM, BLF logo)

I have no questions.

Put me down for 1


So wehen will this Start?


It's all up to the China Connection.

I’m posting for the first time in ages just to say this: put me down for one too.

I’m afraid with the confusing battery configuration that I won’t be in on this one. I was going to give one to a non-flashaholic, but I don’t think this one will work. Sorry!

Does non-flashaholic=inbecile? Put the cells in one way, if it doesn't work say 'oops' or 'darn' and reverse them.

Hrm, seriously .4 AND 4.1 lumen moonlight modes taking up 2 of 5 output levels? This is a large light with 4xAA and going to be gifted to newbies I thought, who, like most people with a .4 lumen then going to 4 lumen starting point will react something like “is it on?, what would you even use this for?”. Conversely, flashoholic people who like moonlight ( a small group in a small group btw ) seem to want it on everything, but they are almost universally the least used modes, especially for non-flashoholics. I mean I like it too, and I want it on several lights, but I’ve used it, actually used it, less than .5% of the time its running to go to the bathroom at night, even on my small lights…nice, but hardly crucial, and definitely not worth 40% of the modes on a light. I can always keep a small moonlight mode light by my headstand/sleepingbag/etc and grab that only, leaving the bright lights for when I’m awake in the dark… This is only going to frustrate non flashoholic moonlight lover people I would give it to, can we only have one moonlight mode on it?

*Edit: yikes 4 modes, 50% moonlight light? Why?

I agree that 2 very low modes is a bit excessive, but it’s supposed to have memory so I’m fine with extra modes.

About non-flashaholics though I don’t agree. If they don’t like having moon modes then in my experience they would just rather have a single mode.

I’m not really a flashaholic (at least not yet), and I like the idea of the two lows. I’d like to bring just ONE flashlight with me when camping and such. Personally, I don’t like mediums. I either want a low enough light that it has a super-long run time and doesn’t ruin my night vision (firefly and low), or I want it as BRIGHT as possible.I’d like it to be low enough that I can use it to read, or leave it on as a nightlight, but also bright enough to light up an incoming Yeti or something. This one light will let me do both.

I can see how someone who uses one for EDC, shining into machinery and such, might want a medium, & probably several levels of medium. But for non-flashoholic uses, I think this is better.

I like the current setup.

Interested (and I’m another low-lifer)

Welllll, 2/3 year membership with 31 posts, I don’t think you qualify as non-flashoholic group, you already appreciate them enough to research them and be on here, 99.999% aren’t. :wink: Either way, do you know how low .4 lumens or 4 lumens is to use? .4 is useless unless its completely dark and you are operating very close to your face, and 4 is still very low for moving around at all. Even as a flashoholic I don’t prefer that low, I don’t usually play hide and seek or read in my tent close to my face or play spy in the forest, so its not useful for me. 2% of 600 is 12 lumens, .2% is 1.2 too, somehow we got lower on already very low modes, the .4 and 4 are in the same territory of usefulness, real percent as stated starts to become more useful. Most people dont want high all the time or low all the time so they can see, which leaves one useful mode for moving around, using it in the ways people use a light most of the time.

First of all, the lowest mode isn't moonlight. Not even close to it. - That's why I prefer calling it "low low".

My lumen measurements might not be 100% reliable when it comes to <10lm values, but here are the throw results for all modes: 14cd, 136cd, 4.6kcd, 17kcd.

14cd is definitely not a moonlight, but very usable low beam.

Ah I know its a pain, thanks for the effort, everyone has their preferences, I guess many of the people here prefer this low, but I assumed it would be higher as originally specified. I’m just afraid if I buy this for my non flashoholics I’ll have plenty of complaints: I’ve already had one friend who made fun of the low mode which is much higher (24 lumens), others comments from family on a camping trip include: “Is it on? Why do they make it so low? What would you use this for on such a bright light?” One family member was won over (mostly) while using it in the tent, but the rest aren’t seemingly positive about low moonlight modes. I still want to try one, but I’ll pass on the gift idea. Thanks for trying, I know you cant please all, I’m just explaining my experience with non-flashoholic’s preference.

I find moonlight mode on my D40A very usable when its completely dark and Im indoors, so low-low or whatever it is called on SA-22 is welcome addition in my opinion ;)!

Often lights lack proper middle mode which is either too bright and too close to high/turbo or too weak and closer to low mode. Not so with D40A, hopefully SA-22 will be as good in this regard :)!

Well, 80-year-olds are not inclined to patience (at least my grandpa isn’t) and if a flashlight isn’t foolproof, it won’t get used. It wouldn’t bother me, but oh well.

Come on guys, it is impossible to make a “perfect” light which suits everybody’s needs or preference. I guess this is why there are so many flashlights available in the market. Do your own mods later on if you dislike the modes in this light.

There are people can give 100 reasons of having memory/moonlight mode and there are certainly another group of people can give 100 reasons of otherwise, this is an endless debate! The modes thing of this light must be finalized or this group buy will never come close to the success, at the end of the day non of us will be benefited from it.

the, to me the current modes are good enough compared with those 5 modes disco drivers flooding in the market, maybe even better than the mode groups of some branded flashlights. Thanks for your effort!