( Closed! I'm Done! ) AlexGT 1,000th post giveaway...

Getting close to my 1,000th. post, so it’s time for a giveaway!!! :party: I will let this run until this Friday 4/19/13 then I will post a cut off post and pick a winner using a random picker of my choice.

By posting in this thread you agree to the following rules:

Before all, HAVE FUN! :beer:
Winner must had registered before today 4/15/13.
Winner must have at least 25 posts at the time of the drawing.
Winner must have a paypal account.
You may post as many comments in this thread as you like, but only one entry will be awarded.
Do not say “I’m in” Or YOU WILL BE OUT! Post something cool, funny, jokes, funny pics or memes are encouraged (Even fluffy kittens) but keep it clean!
Winner MUST post on this thread within the next 24 hours after being picked to be awarded the prize, if not we will understand that you don’t want it and another winner will be picked!
I reserve the right to resolve any unforseen issue that comes up during the giveaway not covered by the rules, and you agree that my decision is FINAL.

Good luck to everyone!


I’m opposite to out then!!!

LOL ur in!

Thanks for the giveaway! :bigsmile:

I can’t say I’_ _n, so I’ll just say I fried my BTU driver but it’s OK because now it’s one mode; DD, 5.5A to three XM-L2 U2 on copper. J)

Before the more tragic events today, I was thinking about why in the world they have the Boston Marathon on Monday. It turns out that Boston is so into sports that they made the day of the race a state holiday and they named the holiday after their football team.

Love that pic, Lionheart. That light have a way crawl all the way across the dog’s digestive system. lol

Umm… Did I miss something? What exactly are you giving away :)?

Something! :wink: Maybe more than one!

The winner gets to spend the night with me.

ROFL! If you want me to add that as one of the prizes, you will have to get in touch with the winner, Ok?

Would that be somethingS then :)?

What is the answer?

Is the MRsDNF part a prize or punishment?

Answer given Friday after the “finals”.

Edit: My 5 yr old, Daniel, wanted me to add “What do you call a flying skunk? A smellicopter!”

Ok, cute kitty cat photo:

Whatever you giving away, i’ll be looking, count me in :smiley:

That's clean right?