CLOSED: Poll: Which 26650 for Convoy L6?

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:

CLOSED-EDIT: I went with the new 2016 Efest 35A/50A Batteries-

EDIT: Majority of votes as of 7-7-16 11:35PM EST is 'other', please post what the 'other' is, so far I've seen Efest & LiitoKala...thanks!



Which of these 2 batteries would you get and why for a new Convoy L6?

If 'OTHER', what is the battery of your choice for the L6?


Or migrate to Australia where the shorter Keeppower protected 5200mAh are readily available!

What’s with the poll? Can’t post anything once voted. Try to post then vote is canceled… }D

Or am I just too dumb to figure it out…………

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I give up.

Even crazier. WTH?

OK: The reviews are ravenous for the above 26650’s. A best buy so far. Note these are unprotected and should only be used by experienced volt meter users

I don't know, but I'll look into it ASAP!


I managed to edit…but WoWW…sumpin was amiss for my posting

Thanks 'Streamer', I've PM'd sb56637 to see if there is anything that can be corrected-

Yeh, I checked “other” and it gave me a fit…LOL

I chose other only because I have Efest 26650 4200 mAh 40 amp unprotected cells for my L6. They work well so far.

Thorfire protecteds are oftentimes mentioned in BLF threads about the L6.


אני אוהב פנסים מדי , הבהיר , כן ייטב

I agree! Brighter is better :slight_smile:


  • MNKE
  • LittoKala
  • EVVA
  • Efest
  • KingKong

Weird, I edited to add what “other” batteries and it canceled my vote also? :?:
Oh well, off to re-vote…… :THUMBS-UP:

I would recommend avoiding Basen cells for use in series. There are far too many reported variations in those cells.

+1 those 40A Efest cells are quite nice for flashlight use.

liionwholesales' new 2016 Efest's are 35A, where can I get the 40A in the US?

I purchased mine because of a highly respected BLF member that recommended them to me. I’m not mentioning his name out of respect for his privacy unless he wants me to. I got mine from

I voted other I use Keeppower ICR26650 5200mAh 3.7v Protected Rechargeable Li-ion Battery.

Ordered a pair from Banggood on May 10 2016 before I knew about the max lenght issue, when they arrived it was the short version.


I went with the new 2016 Efest 35A/50A Batteries-


I might be late, but couple of threads say LiitoKala’s $5 battery could be the best high drain 26650 available.

If I have read correctly the test here, ,I see this.
This battery looks like a good 26650 battery, it can easily handle a 7A load.
It is the best 26650 I have tested until now”.