[CLOSED] US Group Buy for LH351D 5000k 90+ CRI SPHWHTL3DA0GF4RTS6 via Arrow Electronics

Thanks to flightless22, I was informed that you can order them from Digikey for $2.64/LED and only $5 shipping via USPS. Sounds like that is the direction I will be going.

Hi! I was looking to buy a few SPHWHTL3DA0GF4RTS6, or “dogfarts” emitters from arrow electronics but found out that they have something along the lines of a $24 combined shipping and handling fee. No way I’m paying $24 shipping for $11.55 worth of parts. I also saw that they offered free next day shipping on orders over $50, and the minimum number of orders to reach over $50 would be 25 LEDs. I don’t need 25 “dogfarts” and I don’t think I ever will. I’m personally looking to pick up 5 of the LED’s myself and then looking to sell the rest. So here is the deal:

I would like to get a list of people that want Dogfarts in the United States, sell them back to you guys at the same price arrow is asking ($2.31/LED) and we can all avoid the outrageous handling fees. I would only charge the cost of shipping via USPS and break the taxes/fees among all of us, which should be something like $4.50/ shipment. Please put your name down if you are interested. This should be the lowest cost for everyone.

1. Asian8640 x5.
2. Elwood x5

Kaidomain sells them:

Yes, but Kaidomain is unreliable and constantly screws up orders with no reliable recourse. The LEDs from arrow are already in the United States (California) so they don’t have that far to go.

I’ll take at least 5.

Can you give me an exact number, or should I just put you down as 5 for now?

Put me down for 5. Thanks


Digikey has some for $2.64

Cheapest shipping is $4.99

Why are they called dog farts?

Because of the model number:


The LED model number is SPHWHTL3DA0GF4RTS6, or SPHWHTL3 DA0GF4RTS 6.

Edit: elwood beat me to it.

Ohhhh, I was trying to picture what a tint dog fart would look like, now i see it lol. Thanks for the explanation

Do you know if the tint bins are any good? If they are, it would render this potential group-buy pointless. I trusted Arrow because the last set of dogfarts I got from them were nice and white, not green.

Should be the same as arrow, I used the part number to find it.