**CLOSED**WTB Solarforce L2 Stainless/Aluminum finish

Hi everyone,

I would like to buy a Solarforce L2 in the stainless steel or Aluminum finish (whichever they call it).

I love the looks of this light and am dying to buy it (with forward clicky).



more specifically,


Hey guys,

Not the L2T, just the regular L2.

It’s been disco’d, and it’s a mission to find.

ahh didn’t know such a thing existed.

Good luck with your search


2 Lights ..

There was a L2 stainless , the body sold for like $80 something USD , and its heavy .

option 2 is the silver finish L2 aluminium ,

I dont think Solarforce has made a silver finish L2 in a long time ..


What you have there in the center… is what I want. lol.

Would you be open to selling it? :slight_smile:

I have the same one as in the middle. Got it from Lightmalls. Not sure if they still sell it. While it has Solarforce on it, I dont think it’s a true Solarforce light.

Check out the Ultrafire WF-504B at Tmart. It’s the same light as the one in the middle

Focalprice also sells the clone, actually it’s not that bad

order date May 29

I have actually been considering the 504b, but from I know- Solarforce is superior. I want to hold out and exhaust my options with Solarforce first, before grabbing that 504b.


That wait time is crazy! :frowning:

Not for sale .

Currently has the 4 mode XM-L module from Int-outdoor , makes for a fantastic combination .

How much are you willing to pay? A friend of mine has one, not on BLF.


It depends on the condition. For one in excellent condition, I’m willing to pay $30. Just the body.

Would he be interested?

I have bought 3 of these (the bottom one) silver unlabeled oem versions,
they were on sale on http://solarforceflashlight-sales.com/ for some time.

Only downside: They have a reverse clickie installed.

I also own this Uniquefire L2 from dx.com, which is really good quality and looks very stylish!
It already has an XP-G R5 dropin installed, which isn’t bad at all, although a little bit outdated.


Are these for sale?

I’m sorry, but only the one from the picture is left my property, the others went to friends very fast. :frowning:
My version also has a stainless steel bezel installed, the original had a crenelated aluminum bezel, which i didn’t liked, so it had to go. :wink:

Also the shipping costs would be a deal breaker, i assume. :confused: