**CLOSED**WTB Solarforce L2 Stainless/Aluminum finish

Light is mint, talked to him, said no to the offer. Good luck.

How about this P60 flashlight from HK-Equipment, it is made from Titanium! :open_mouth:
Or this stainless steel P60 host from HK-Equipment via ebay

Thank you guys for the help. I’ve closed this thread because I’ve already found what I’m looking for. I’ve bought two Solarforce lights from a great guy that was selling them in CPF. In the picture, one of them is dead center. They were supposed to be like one to the left to it, but they came out with a blueish tint, so Solarforce did not stamp them. They simple sold them as a limited run with out the stamp because these did not come out like they were supposed to.

Personally, I LOVE the blueish tint. I think these are better looking.

Thanks again guys!