Solarstorm Raging or one of the other 4x18650 with 5x XM-L lights of that style. I think there's an Apex and a Singfire like that, as well as a Fandyfire or other off brand...

Small Sun ZY-T08

Ultrafire 1226 or Small Sun ZY-T20 - Single XM-L with 4x18650 lights

I'm looking for "cheap", just want to state that up front. 1/2 the going price or less. Maybe one that does not work any more. I'm only going to mod them anyhow, so as long as the reflectors are not hurt, it does not matter if the driver or led/leds is/are bad.


I don’t understand. Are you looking to BUY a/some lights so that you can mod them? Or for free?

OL is after something or things to buy cheap. If they were free that would be a bonus but he does not take well to public charity. :wink:

check your pm!


Sometimes guys will have lights that went dead or something went wrong with them. You never know and it doesn't hurt to ask.

@FM - I got the PM thanks.