Update October 9, 2019:

This project will not be realized - so this thread is closed now. Please express your interest in following thread, if you are interested into the alternative flashlight project (project title "Sofirn C01R"):



I have talked to Barry (Sofirn) and he discussed the idea about the SP10/SF14 with XP-E2 red/deep red or XP-G3 deep red with his engineer. At this point of time, they have doubts that the boost driver might be able to kill these sensitive LEDs, if not immediately at least regarding a long-term perspective. My modified SP10 and SF14 do run fine with XP-E2 red and the default driver settings originally applied to the XP-G2 LED but there's no guarantee as its being a bit overdriven i.a.w. the specs sheet. Developing a whole new driver wouldn't be reasonable for a small-size batch of 200-500 pcs, though.

Anyway, Barry had the great idea to use the C01S host and driver to run the XP-E2 red with. Since C01S uses AAA cells with 1.2V - 1.5V it should be able to handle the sensitive XP-E2 red much better. As XP-E2 is even smaller than SST-20 chances are good to get a nice hotspot with usefull throw of red light. I'm not sure yet if Sofirn would consider trying XP-G3 deep red for more lumens output and less intensity. Eventually, it's a also a matter of cost and technical limitations as the dome must fit underneath the C01S optic.


Hello everyone,

Since Sofirn’s SF14 V2.0 (tailclicky), SP10 V2.0 and SP10S (e-sideswitch) AA/14500 flashlights are very successful I am thinking about asking Sofirn for a small batch (500 pcs) of a red light version with XP-E2 red (620nm wavelength), called SP10R or SF14R, and/or XP-G3 deep red (660nm), called SP10DR or SF14DR.

Both emitters fit nicely into these hosts and should perform well without any problems. While XP-E2 red has a small die area leading to a tighter hotspot and a bit more throw of red light, the XP-G3 deep red comes with a larger die area, a bit more power/lumens, less throw and a „deeper“ red (660nm) in comparison to red (620nm) which looks a bit more orange-red.

Djozz has already taken a look at the new XP-G3 deep red and his first feedback sounds promising. :-)

Both LEDs are available at Mouser and Cutter. Sofirn has already implemented the XP-E2 red in Wurkkos‘ WK30, so they should be able to source some additional quantities.

How do you like the idea? Are you interested?

Yeah, I need to do the write-down of that 660nm XP-G3 test :person_facepalming: .

It will be a tough challenge to raise interest for hundreds of red-light SP-10’s. It sounds like a nice light though. :slight_smile:

Sorry Djozz, I did not mean to push you writing down your results of the test of the XP-G3 deep red. :-P

Looking back onto the extraordinary interest and demand in Sofirn‘s C01 and the huge interest in the new LT1 lantern I could imagine that 500 pcs might be a reasonable, achievable number. Maybe I‘m a bit biased by my fascination for red light, though. :-D

A one-production-run „limited red edition“ might be also interesting for collectors. Just sayin‘... ;-)

Just an idea (not judging pros and cons)...

Maybe Sofirn could become even more popular by doing some product placement and marketing, selling this red version as a „(PRODUCT) RED“ where a part of the profit is used for humanitarian aid like eliminating HIV in Africa.



Hum, make it with the right price (not more than 15€) and I will be in for one SF14R! (honestly, I do like the SP10B, but the rate of driver failure due to drop is too high for me to be in for one of the SP10R)
BTW, would it have modes or just one mode? 2 or 3, with a good ML and no memory would be nice :wink: Just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be interested in the deep red xpg3 in a sp10 host. For sure!


I’d take 2 SP10 DR.

I’m interested in one SP10DR and one SP10R.

On the other hand maybe there should be listed advantages and applications for red light? Judging by my own case I realized red light is very useful quite accidently. IMHO it’s the best light for warm nights because it does not attract insects. Since I’ve learnt that I’m going to collect red lights arsenal before next summer. Preserving night vision or warning application may be appealing to some too. Yet it turnes out XP-E2 is quite throwy which allows it to use in even more scenerios.

A real flashoholic must have some red lights! :smiling_imp:

I would be up for two of the SP10DR

Don’t want to be rude but this is surprising to me. Does Sofirn really need 500pcs to solder just a diffrent LED? This is something many of us can do by themselves.
If we don’t collect the minimum order quantity, how about ordering at Sofirn the lights without LED? And separately ordering LEDs at some other store? Finally one could receive the light just requiring soldering two leads and assembling into ready-to-use flashlight? It doesn’t seem to be that impossible.
Let’s see first what would be the interest - whether we speak of 30pcs, 300pcs or maybe more…

Interested, but given the limited development resources, I’d rather like Sofirn to focus on BLF SP70 and a new C01 :smiley:

Interested in one SP10DR

Cześć 1stein, I guess there will be some kind of a minimum lot size that Sofirn requires in terms of tooling time for their machines. Furthermore, it only makes sense to buy LEDs with a certain MOQ as otherwise costs would go up and Sofirn's margin would decrease. LT1 batch #1 is 500 pcs, so I assumed this is a figure we might be able to reach with enough interest on BLF users and enough room for a reasonable margin Sofirn could achieve by selling it to us. The sales price should be in the same range as the LH351D or XP-G2 versions of their SP10/SF14 lights.

Selling hosts or pre-assembled lights without LED would probably raise less interest on BLF users and leave less margin for Sofirn unless they sell it for nearly the same price of a complete flashlight. In that case it probably makes more sense to buy a SF14 or SP10 and modify it to one's liking.

Interested in two SP10DR.

Lux-P, I guess you are right. But keeping things simple : it’s just a different LED, not re-engineering.

Is it? Wouldn’t it need a different driver? I’m honestly asking!

Speaking about drivers, bearing in mind that this would be a “different” purpose light with a probably different and specific driver (?) could it be potted? I am asking because of what I mentioned above, this is, the failure rate that Sofirn SP10A/B drivers have with impact! Last month another of mine felt and “puft” no more turn ON…

I would honestly consider that for the SP10B, but this is just an opinion! Not necessarily modding friendy, eventually, but more capable of handling a drop in the floor…

So this is a question to be asked. Are we talking on just led replacement or re-engineered partially new flashlight? Starting post made me thinking it’s about just led replacing.

The voltage of red leds is seriously lower than white leds (1V to 1.5V lower), it depends of the type of driver (I do not know what driver is used and am not an electronic engineer) if that causes issues.

So far, both XP-E2 red (620nm) and LH351B 2.200K and 3.000K work without any problems in my modified SF14 and SP10B lights. As they can be operated with 1.2V NiMH and 3.7V Li-Ion they must be using a boost driver.

I’m interested in SF14R.

Interested in one SP10DR and maybe an additional SF14DR.