Cloudy AR coated lens on 7G5-V2

STL-V2 on left, 7G5-V2 on right.

I noticed it was cloudy after turning it on, Even after cleaning the lens still appears to be cloudy. Compared with my STL-V2 which is very clear, does this mean that the lens on my light is faulty? Or are all anti-reflective coated lens cloudy like mine?

What did you use for cleaning the lens?

Sometimes with cheap lights I got lenses with shadows and clouds. At first tried to clean them dry with soft cloth, then washed with mild soap, but clouds would still appear when lit.

Then my wife came in and told me to use the lens cleaner she uses for her eyeglasses, and she was right, that cleaned the lens real good and no more clouds

Maybe it was some greasy left from assembler fingerprints that wasn't easy to remove with just soap.

Also I've been told that regular soap is bad for the anti-reflecting coating. I believe alcoohol is ok, but you should use a pure one, not the kind of cleaner sold in the stores for general use, because it also contains colorants and other stuff inside.

Mine came cloudy too. I used regular dish washing liquid and rinsed it with lots of water, which helped but did not remove everything. Then I took the soft cleaning cloth that came with my glasses and spend about 20 minutes slowly polishing the lens until it was clear.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I did try cleaning it with a soft dry cloth. I dont have any pure alcohol but ill give methylated spirits a go. I dont think it would make a difference since theyre both organic hydrocarbons. Looks like i should get the dust off my stl v2 lens too!

I managed to get considerable cloudiness out by washing it with meth spirits and then buffing with a glasses cleaning cloth. Its not stl v2 clear yet, but is much better. Thanks for the suggestions.

Crelant still claims the lenses are AR, but they are not in the 7G5v2. Only the 7G9 has a true AR lens which is very nice.

Yeah, i realised that after trying to see the ‘purple reflection’, but couldnt. For $86 you would expect to see AR coated glass though… Disappointed, although my highly qualitative tests (measured heat on a black sheet of metal and on my hand, and pointing IR thermometer into beam) seem to indicate it is brighter and more focused than the stl v2. The reflector is quite deep, too (more so than stl v2).

Well they promised me a True AR coating in the new 7G5CS so we’ll see…

Honestly I didn’t see their need to make a new 7G5. Although mine does have a mild hum on all levels (sounds like a running tap), it is a good thrower for it’s size.
IMO Crelant should have used their money to develop a new 7G9 for better output/throw instead of the 7G5CS.

Well, at least, if you can see the dust it means you have a bright flashlight! haha

Happy to hear you got it clean and clear now!

As for the Crelant 7G5 variations, Crelant always missed to upgrade the UI, IMHO

A 3 levels with hidden strobo would have been killer.