CN Quality goods

I made an order on the 2016-09-04, I didn’t get an order confirmation, but did get an email three days later :

Your order shipped by registered post

Tracking number is EXBHK1120011956YQ

The tracking didn’t say much :

Destination Country
Origin Country - Cache Time: 2016-10-04 19:22
2016-09-10 01:29 深圳, Leaving the sorting centre
2016-09-09 18:35 深圳, Arrived at sorting centre.

So I was pleasantly surprised when the packet arrived last week. Maybe I was lucky :question:

In the absence of communication people will speculate, usually in a negativc way. That site has never seemed to work as it should in that I never received email confirmation of an order but without fail always received the order. I won’t speculate on why the problems occur but haven’t tried to order from them since the site came back online. If it’s something only they sell then I just do without. They’ll just have to learn to do it right to get me back. No rancor, but no business either.

Seems to be out of commission again. The hostname resolves occasionally or with some retrying. I made an order on 1/17, they took the money, but no confirmation or communication since ordering. When I can get to the site it lists the status as “Unshipped.” No response to emails or messages on the site. I’ll probably give it another week or two and then file with my credit card to reverse the charges.

Placed an order with CNQG and paid with PayPal. PayPal confirmed the order. CNQG in my orders said it was unpaid for. Leaving it for a few days I then sent a message through my order at CNQG stating the order had been paid for. I still heard nothing from them for the next few days and then received an email out of the blue saying the order had been shipped. Go figure.