CN5611 resistor controlled variable current chip

Anyone seen these?

CN5611 Datasheet

And I wonder if they are stackable

Doing some digging

Hmm interesting little ic, I wonder if you could pwm and RC filter the control pin to get true constant current? Looking at the data sheet tho it has rather poor drop out voltage with any output current over about 100ma thats a shame.

The output current tolerance is a bit big at -/+8

410mV drop-put at 90% 700mA is rather big, should be higher at 100% 800mA.

Aha, so they’re not that efficient…
The 350mA steps you can take with 7135’s are a bit big, so I hoped this would be good…

why would any CC device be un-stackable anyway?
Doesn’t it just add up, every device minding it’s own business, so to speak?

In the correct configuration, this won’t bother all the devices. Voltage drop will affect each device individually and with a small voltage drop for an LED, it won’t particularly affect the luminosity and/or colour of the LEDs that much. Please do inform us what you made of this and if you intend on stacking these chips as you mentioned.

pcb manufacturing

Texaspyro has mentioned that there are lower output CC chips than 7135 but I’ve not seen any.

on the datasheet, would it be ok to use a FET as the ISET resistor?

The reason I am asking, my idea would be to make a comparable Nanjg style driver, but use these as 800mA is much better than 2x350mA chips correct?

Could almost reduce the number of driving regulator chips

Look at a normal Nanjg 2800mA, 8 chips, you could do more with 4 vs 8 4 of the 800mA could feasably give 3200mA max, vs 2800mA (if you didn.t use the 380mA chips), but getting them on the driver, similar to TexasPyro’s design where they are in a circle rather than radial like spokes

Kinda just brainstorming…

I found a seller of 100 units…but it’s still going to be expensive to “experiment”