Coast Dual Color Focusing Headlamp

Anyone try one of these yet??? Costco sells a 2 pack for $23.00 and they seem pretty nice and simple to operate. I kinda like it more then the Black Diamond Spot I just picked up.

I saw them at the Costco here and almost purchased them but talked myself out of it.

Look good and seem affordable. I get worried about tint with these type of lights. I hate a bluish white headlamp.

Got a chance to spend some time with this new toy. This is a really nice headlight!!! Very bright, Great tint, switches operate smooth, focusing feature works fantastic and the red leds have a very useful beam pattern. The plastic housing feels solid and it’s got a decent strap. I was most surprised by the nice tint and smooth beam. I really do like it more then my BD Spot and PT EOS. The only negative I see is having to cycle through 3 modes but the nice switch makes this very easy and quick. No idea about run times yet. I was never a big Coast fan but these are an Absolute steal for $12.00 each!!!:slight_smile: