Coast HL5 175 Lumen $8 (Home Depot)

Saw this on slick deals

Thanks for sharing this!

I’ve had one for years, but I picked up a couple for my kids.

I bought one for my son for X-mas and he loves it. He is a long distance runner, and was very satisfied.

He uses it more in the winter when the sun sets earlier than now, but was impressed with the brightness and comfort. He runs 3 aaa rechargeable Duraloops in the light. The 3 plus hours run-time is enough for any of his training runs.

I found the headlight in HD then for $9.88, which for a Coast brand light I thought was a bargain.

My wife bought the one I have now, for something like $29, awhile ago, so I’m glad that asval posted this deal :)! Now, I want to mod mine to use either 3xAAA or 1x18650 (started a thread).

seems like a good buy at 8$

Overall it appears people really like it . price is right

I was at a HD for 60 min while a couple guys were looking for this headlamp which I ordered online. It was the only store in the area to have it in stock. But they couldn’t find it and eventually had to cancel the order.


We couldn’t find the 16 that were supposed to be my store either. It’s one of those “No Home” items.

Just checking the HD website, one store has 0 in stock and another store 7-10 miles from that one has 37 in stock. Guess I’ll hafta go look and get me one of these as well.

I just got back from another location 18 miles (35min!) away that had them in a coast display box. At the store I didn’t think it was “nice” enough to get more than one. Silly me.

Its hard to believe these nichias are as bright as they are. Brighter than my PT eos. I likey.

Thanks for the tip asval.

Glad you found at least one, they are nice bright headlights. Sorry you had to drive so far, but I have done the exact same thing for a bargain light.

I have been there, wishing I had bought the light right in front of me, and then kicking myself later for not seeing that it is the light that I want.

Oh well, there are more clearance lights out there to to found.

Ok, got to HD last night. I first thought to check the flashlight section… No go… Service desk next. Girl says wait one sec. She goes behind her to another counter and she says, “these ones”? Uhhhh, yah. Somebody had called up and I guess they had them on hold. She goes, grrrrreat, only took us an hour to find them! LOL So where are they at??? Oh, they’re in the building supplies area. I said, oh, then they must not have a home, eh? She said, yep… Thought you all would like the story and some pics taken with my cell phone… Nice light, I love the cold white tint. Don’t really care for the top head band. I got one just to see how I’d like it. Prolly will get one more jus becuz :bigsmile: Almost forgot, there’s a mention/coupon for a free flashlight for taking a survey and pay the postage.






Thank you Aftrburnr. Very useful information and pictures. Now I’m much better armed for the HL hunt at HD tomorrow morning.

Couldn't find these at all at my local HD. Did find some leftover DST's though.


FYi, the “free” flashlight is a G10 nowadays (it was something different before) and it’ll be $3.50 shipping. It’s a nice AAA light, one of the 1st that I got, and EDC’ed it for quite a number of years.

Finally found them at the HD I drive by to work. They were not in a display box like above. There were hanging with the plastic cheapos on the sides of the central battery display area. Not a bad headlight at all. Now I have to resist getting a second one for back up.

I went by Lowe’s and they still price them @ $28?

That’s why this is such a deal. Try googling it and and see what prices you get :)!

Buy on line for $7.98 and go to store to pick up.

EDIT: Oppps, I just saw you said Lowes. Well, they probably price match.